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What is Ferox Advisors

Ferox Advisors – Who are They?


They are a trading adviser, handling derivative portfolios for private trading and external investors with an emphasis on unconditional returns. They are registered in the Free Trade Region of RAK close to Dubai with trading departments in Istanbul. 

They have invented & thoroughly updated the primary derivatives techniques of some of the most successful proprietary traders on the planet over the last decade, and they are delighted to have opened an unparalleled derivatives trading company promising you the best rate of return on your private money. 

They aim to maintain an average return to investors net of at least 30 percent, with a higher upside opportunity for free gamma. 

After June 2017, they have also been providing CryptoCurrency Accounts, which have undeniably been the most lucrative asset class in the world in the 21st century. They specialize in the trading of classified commodities and will help you generate benchmark beating returns in two ways:

Ferox Token


FRX TRC20 token focused on the Tron Blockchain network. FRX is the first token to be deployed in the Hedge Fund environment that blends the functionality of the Distribution Alpha Generation Capability and DeFi ecosystem. Presently, the FRX Token Seed Round is Live with some enticing investment-based premium cost of up to 300 percent.

FRX focuses on engaging with Cryptocurrencies and Derivatives. This business specializes in controlling client accounts and generates them money based on their interest. FRX has introduced a blockchain token named FRX based Tron. The token is based on the Tron blockchain, which is one of the strongest, most stable, most secure, and most powerful blockchain systems in the world. FRX is going to be a conventional FRX-enabled hedge fund network.

And you’re going to get FRX back to the very same wallet that sent the TRX to the following list.

  • Up to 10,000 TRX investment, 1 TRX = 3 FRX, (eg: 9000 TRX will get 27,000 FRX )
  • for 10,000 TRX to 50,000 TRX, 1 TRX = 3.3 FRX (30,000 TRX will get 99.000 FRX )
  • for 50,000 TRX to 300,000 TRX, 1 TRX = 3.6 FRX (100,000 TRX will get 360,000 FRX)
  • For 300,000 TRX and above, 1 TRX = 4 FRX (500,000 TRX will get 2,000,000 FRX)

Note: the above list is obtained as it is from their official website for accuracy purposes. 

Ferox Advisors Achievements and Features 


In Bitmex, they ( Ferox Advisors ) multiplied their proprietary capital in much less than 6 months of the business in 2019. In 2020 they obtained identical benchmark-crushing outcomes with technology stock options. Having refined and strengthened their signature derivatives techniques, they would now like to give extvestor even bigger payoff profiles.

The following features will surprise you: 


  1. Ferox Advisors innovative algorithmic and technological systems have evolved over the years of success derivatives trading expertise that goes beyond statistical probability by integrating predominant market emotions and human reactions. 
  2. Systems respond to various volatility situations, both tacit and observed, with Volatility Models fine-tuned throughout their tenure at the premier European Volatility Trading Business. 
  3. Complete the Active Market option, which will place the trader in cash at the end of each trading day. Total liquidity and long-term structured investments within a week. 
  4. Discretionary influence over political or exceptional black swan incidents that may contribute to excessive market action. The appearance of a signal is often verified by pre-trade arbitrary macro research. 
  5. Preset risk control, avoid estimated loss before trading and set specific overall loss limits per day and per month immediately in position. 
  6. Zero-management-fee scheme, they just bill income as a vote of trust in their strategies. 
  7. Power to extract ever more powerful alpha by integrating intraday trading with long-term futures, where they have been the key market-makers over the last 5 years.

Ferox Advisors Trader

Ferox Advisors Team

For More Details About Ferox Advisors :


Website: http://feroxadvisors.com/frx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feroxadvisors
Medium: https://frx.medium.com/
Telegram Group: https://t.me/FRXalpha

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