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Moviecoin ICO Review

The entertainment industry can be argued to be one of the largest grossing and widely spread industries on the planet. This global industry spans across fields like movies, television, radio, commercials, streaming audio and video content, publishing, video games and other ancillary services and is worth approximately two trillion US $. The market for production is invariably in the hands of the elite capable of investing billions and have extremely favorable licensing and distribution deals. All of this is currently being done through fiat currencies and as such this market can use cryptocurrency to make quite a big splash.

Moviecoin is a next-gen financial company that aims to improve and enhance participation in the industry through the use of blockchain technology making cryptocurrencies the preferred choice and the new standard for transactions in the film industry. Moviecoin has its businesses centered in three main categories – content production and financing which offers ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized, programmatic access to financing of premium content, business, and consumer services, and technology development and licensing. The Company’s financing and also electronic possession platform uses cryptographic symbols to provide companies with solutions made to mitigate risk and streamline operations as well as give followers with more engaging ways to join the motion picture and also home entertainment experience.

  • Moviecoin Entertainment offers management for production and finance to Moviecoin Capital, the company’s financial wing.
  • Moviecoin Capital facilitates all investment in content through discrete means organized by Moviecoin Capital and using cryptographic tokens.
  • Moviecoin Services is used to distribute the benefits associated with the platform with all users and members of the ecosystem using tokens.
  • Moviecoin Technologies handles all the technological assets associated with the platform and operates all intellectual property. In order to further its growth, it has partnered with Bankex, with both contributing to product development and platform support among others.

Moviecoin aims to release a digital token asset called the Moviecoin Token which can be used by consumers to purchase tickets and for producers to pay for services. Gradually, Moviecoin will become the preferred choice for managing all financial, legal and accounting activities. It will help keep detailed track of all expenses and revenue using the blockchain ledger system. To support the financing of activities a parallel offering of Moviecoin Smart Fund Tokens(MSF), both of which are administered parallel.

The terms of  agreement between Bankex and Moviecoin allow Moviecoin to create a private labeled branded exchange to its terminal which can be used for the transfer of digital assets like the MSF and Moviecoin Token. This platform offers users

  • High liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Global market for investors to invest in and create token incentivized partnerships.


  • Businesses would gain more and detailed information allowing for greater planning and increased cash flow velocity.
  • Customers get access to premium content and experiences previously available only to the elite.
  • Financiers gain a high-quality platform that is actively managed to deliver prime quality content.

Moviecoin in association with Bankex reduces development costs and accelerates time taken to reach the market. Five components of Moviecoin platform are :

  1. Smart Asset Assembly –  Digest documents, confirm validity and indicate any irregularities.
  2. Smart Asset Tokenisation –  Convert real word assets into digital tokenized assets.
  3. Initial Moviecoin Smart Asset Offering – The sale of security and SM tokens that represent rights in a film’s production.
  4. Production Control Cycle – Integrates smart contracts that streamline the working of all participants.
  5. Revenue Collection – Begins with initial theatre release followed by DVD, SVOD, free and paid TV etc.

Moviecoin Tokens

Moviecoin Token are ERC20 tokens used to pay for services and account for expenses. Moviecoin believes that this market will rapidly advance because of the ease and security of using tokens.

They can be used by the user, distributors, producers and even businesses to pay license fees. Moviecoin interacts with the Moviecoin platform using smart contracts to distribute fees, royalties, rewards and even content. Limitation of processing fees will cut budgets and users can choose to hold benefits in tokens or convert them to other currencies.

Other benefits of the Moviecoin platform include real-time auditing, faster payments, reduced costs, better marketing data and standardized contracts. The company has a growth plan of three phases, phase 1 is internal validation with a limited number of users, phase 2 with select third party’s and consumers and finally phase 3 where Moviecoin becomes the industry standard.


Movie.io is a web application developed in order to help producers understand from cinema-goers on how to improve the cinematic experience. This is a huge benefit as earlier these opinions were not available to bigwigs and can help in cost-cutting as well as better film experiences. It will allow users to use tokens stored in digital wallets to purchase tickets, look up facts and figures, compile favorites lists, attend forums, buy memorabilia and write reviews etc.

Moviecoin Team

The core team at Moviecoin consists of Christopher Woodrow – Chairman & CEO, Jeff Ivers – COO, Wendy Rutland – Had of Business Development, Blaine Johnston – EVP Global Strategy, and Elexa Ruth – SVP of Corporate Affairs.

This core team is assisted by a board of advisors comprising Hollywood veterans, Media experts and Technology and Business experts like Marcus Segal, Cassian Elwes, J.C Oliver and Lauren Selig.

Moviecoin Press Ratings

More Details of Moviecoin ICO:
Website: https://movie.io
Whitepaper: https://movie.io/static/docs/MovieCoin_Whitepaper_ver_1.2.0.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/moviecoinco
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4443754.0
Medium: https://medium.com/moviecoin



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