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Philanthropy and charity activities are some of the most important humanitarian activities carried out across the globe with more and more of the world’s minority of multi-billionaires contributing their wealth to the less fortunate. Each and every year more and more charities rise up to meet and solve the issues faced by people all around the world, be it economic, social or natural calamities.

Often a criticism aimed at these charitable organization is that the funds that they receive are not delivered to the intended in full measure. Sometimes allegations of corruption and even tax evasion are levied against them. The presence of middlemen is also a deterrent to those wishing to contribute towards social upliftment. What is required is a platform that serves the affected but also provides the ability to track donators and also provide feedback when and as required.

This is the role that Humancoin aims to play.

What is Humancoin? Humancoin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency fuelled by the Proof of Charity mining protocol on the blockchain network and aims to create a merger of the philanthropic organizations, retail and e-commerce corporations and the cryptocurrency industry. Estimates by experts reveal that these industries together represent a value of $3.5 trillion.

Humancoin is the first of its kind blockchain project with the potential to become a global leader in e-commerce loyalty aggregation. Association with partners through the philanthropic nature of transactions of the Humancoin token creates a strong emotional bond between parties. Humancoin does not need to compete with others as it can be seamlessly integrated with all other existing systems. It only requires the setting of a conversion rate for the integration to be completed.  

Why Humancoin? Humancoin has numerous benefits.

  • Humancoin tokens are easily converted into bonuses, points, miles, and coupons.
  • They are also used to incentivize token holders and thus help build a long-term stable demand as users take advantage of the benefits.
  • With more and more members joining the scope also increases which increases the reach of the platform.
  • The Proof of Charity concept of mining allows the organization to scale or grow and adapt numerous times.
  • Humancoin unites recipients and donors on a previously unavailable Peer-2-Peer platform.
  • This in partnership with its loyalty program will help grow charity organizations.

Humancoin has a rather large target base with the significant amounts involved in its related industries. According to reports from experts, one in three people contributes to charity. This establishes a $750 billion industry. There are an extremely large number of e-commerce industries with a large majority involved in humanitarian activities in order to satisfy their Corporate Social Responsibility, an amount estimated to be around $2300 billion. Also to be noted is that 75% of large cryptocurrency based businesses donate to charity a figure in between $ 300 -900 billion.

Humancoin is a human currency of kindness that addresses many issues like lack of trust over funds reaching the intended, high operational costs and cross-border payment issues, and the lack of added benefits for contributions. Blockchain solves trust issues by providing transparency, reliability, traceability, and security. Donors are able to donate globally, can monitor global expenditure worldwide and also receive benefits from loyal partners. This merger between crypto and e-commerce creates an influx of consumers.

Humancoin Platform

How does it work?

The platform provides full online tracking of donations with the option for donors to receive a receipt for every donation that can be used to avail tax benefits depending on the country of jurisdiction. Other features available on Humancoin are voting and reviewing of philanthropists and projects, inbuilt messenger, innovative dashboard, and mobile applications.

Benefactors can register on the Humancoin platform and complete verification. Once verified the user can make donations, anonymous and otherwise to any charity of his choice. The dashboard helps the user keep track of his expenditure and manage information flow.

Foundations can register by filling out the required form and enclosing a specific set of documents which are verified according to the size of the project by the Humancoin team and forensic units od partner audit companies. Once complete these projects will be hosted on the platform and enable them to receive donations.

Additionally, donors can donate funds directly to the Humanpool from where it is sent to the most highly rated charities on the platform by Humancoin itself. This is a major boost for large corporations to meet their internal rules.  

The growth of Humancoin is financed through the 5% fee collected for charity projects, a figure that is much lesser than the current industry standards of 20%.

Humancoin Tokensale


Humancoin has partnered with large online stores like Amazon and Alibaba, gaming and business services, airlines and cryptocurrency exchanges. Major partners of Humancoin include Zynga, Airbnb, Okex, Booking.com, and Skyteam.

Humancoin Team

The core team at Humancoin is led by CEO – Giles Gailer, CTO – Kate Bubnik, Aravinda Babu – Blockchain expert and Kai Hsia – Software expert. The advisors to the team include leading experts on all fields related to Humancoin like David Rippon – Charity IT, Anus I Mahmud – Fund Raising, Reinhard Berger – Investments and Marcus Campbell – Platform development.   

For More Details of Humancoin ICO:
Official Website: https://www.humancoin.net
Whitepaper: http://docs.humancoin.net/HumanCoin_whitepaper_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/HumancoinChannel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/humancoinnet
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4469466
GitHub: https://github.com/Humancoinnet/humancoinICO


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