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The arizn which constructs the sub-theme of token side crowdfunding platform basically stands for the accessibility, liquidity, and transparency established in South Africa under the passion of being a real human (Ubuntu). As a platform, their ultimate objective is to create a sound effect as much as possible to coop with state agencies, and some nonprofit organizations to empower entrepreneurs in SADC zone to involve in restructure deals sustainable projects to make the community aware about the blockchain technology.


Since the market overview grows immensely,arizn’s goal is to look for market potentials towards ALTtoken wizards which originate the platform of the network which is majorly used for financial dealerships. The issues related to crowdfunding can be introduced as pay gates, limited audience, demanding campaigns, donations and lack of funder confidence. Thus, it is clear that the necessity of the blockchain crowdfunding is the solution that consists of Etherreum. Since they use smart contracts offering stake, asset-backed or equity-based digital assets, it is easy to tokenize crowdfunding while creating a solid-liquid offering for founders and business to startups due to the transparency of the ledger. The respective ALT tokens stand for the core principles of arizn which instantly trade-able to use a payment mode of any appropriate value. Hence, the transparent fund disbursement will be a fine solution to fund management in line with accountability.

When analyzing the Arizn ecosystem,AALT token,dApp wizard,LiquiDEX is important as arizn makes the freedom to access the market and encourage funding for accredited and non-accredited investors. The additional services apart from this can be depicted as community discussion platform, promotional add-ons, supply supporting docs and ALT wallet token creation. Furthermore, the benefits of blockchain may bring decentralization, tokenization, and transparency just not aiming to crowdfund but also be alert to financial, governance and consensus systems which are very familiar to a human being. Therefore, all funds related with ALT token are accepted and disbursed by smart contract in the public domain and decentralized backdrop while they generate funders deposit AALT to pay profit shares and dividends automatically.

Additionally,arizn roadmap develops both short-term and long-term token sales plus pre and crowd sales concern about soft cap and hard cap allocation to pursue final goals embarked ICO. For that, profit model is significant in order to create potential ranges of revenues streams. That is why the governance of community tries promoting better and legitimate opinions such as blockchain consultation, business development, marketing/advertising and trade fees.

Furthermore, it is vivid that the tokens such as arizn ALT could add third-party exchange easily to make sure the standard increase in the AAlt value tokens as a buyback round and this activity is available in the market on request. In price projection, they try to offer stably increasing asset underlying AALT token to ensure the liquidity of regular round of buyback and some other exchanges like etherdelta and forkdelta. Anyhow partnerships are so essential particulate with government agencies to balance the projects of funding aiming blockchain and fiat services. They are partnered with Avril Elizabet, South African community and Agri crop mainly for setting up a national platform for delivery and collection focusing on the assistance of social media intervention.

Finally, the arizn compliance is effective as it consists of internationally skilled and legalized team with two executive directors. The government agency workers and estate agents also play some role in broadening the company compliance towards long-term goals of tokenizing, assets, funding, equity, and ownership.

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For More Details of Arizn ICO:
Official Website: https://arizn.network
Whitepaper: http://www.arizn.network/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/ariznnetwork
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4637613


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