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Blockshipping aims to create a true technological development in the container shipping sector through maritime transport. In order to achieve this goal, its main objective is to create a system that can rest completely in blockchain and each of the advantages it offers. Through a state-of-the-art platform, it is expected to be able to offer a service that is capable of producing a worldwide register of cargo containers and, at the same time, become a global system that makes possible all users and customers of container transport , carry out all kinds of operations and transactions that are fully related to the containers that are transported on the ships.

Therefore, one of the main objectives of Blockchipping is to give life to the GSCP platform, which will serve as a base of operations for each of the tasks that will be carried out in this field. One of GSCP’s most important goals is that it will allow the entire container industry to actually save money by completely eliminating losses and errors in shipping routes. This translates into 5.7 billion USD that can be fully safeguarded in a year, which undoubtedly represents a breakthrough that will allow the transportation system to be fully developed.

Also, because the GCSP platform will also optimize everything related to the shipments, Blockchipping developers believe that by designing better maritime transport plans and perfecting this service to the maximum, it will be possible to reduce global CO2 emissions by at least a figure that could be around 4.6 million tons per year.

One of the main things we have to know about Blockshipping is that you will not have any kind of preference for any particular client or country. This system will stand out for working in a balanced way for each one of its beneficiaries, that is, always offering the maximum of its capacities for all the clients. So, no matter where it comes from, everyone can take advantage of the great advantages offered by Blockshipping for carriers, ports, terminals, transport companies and many other entities that are part of this world.

The problems of order and flow of goods in the transport of containers by sea are often extremely complicated, this is because there are more than 27 million cargo containers so taking a proper balance turns out to be a rather complicated task. It is for this reason that Blockshipping has decided to make full use of blockchain in its system. This will allow all agencies in the industry to track cargo in real time anywhere in the world at any time. In the same way, both customers and companies will be able to do all kinds of transactions and operations that will speed up the process of loading, distributing and positioning the containers.

The Blockshipping platform represents the first solution to an existing problem
Today there are several types of inconveniences that directly affect the container transport system worldwide. To begin with, one of the most common obstacles has to do with problems of excess capacity. There are many ships that completely exceed the load limits to be transported, and this causes the system to completely collapse due to the fact that deliveries become slower and the margin of error grows even more. Also, in addition to the capacity problem, there is a highly vulnerable security that does not have any support to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition. This translates into a loss of money, but accidents can also occur that can put the environment at risk due to incorrect handling of what is being transported in the containers.

We all know that the global shipping industry needs to be optimized and perfected as soon as possible, this is a necessary evolution that will benefit each one of us. There must be a better management process and be taking the step towards the digital age is of vital importance. This is how you can guarantee full profitability in this business that does not compromise any of the parties.

For these and other reasons, Blockshipping is creating a platform that is truly competitive and effective. A system that reduces errors completely is needed and thus unnecessary losses of monetary capital can be eliminated. The system has to have a global reach so that the evolution process takes place completely. In turn, the container shipping platform must take care of the environment by means of a full follow-up of each of the activities that are carried out before and after sailing. This will guarantee that the faults disappear in their entirety.

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