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Wepower is the platform which lets green energy project developers, such as solar or wind plant builders, raise funds by selling their future energy production upfront in the form of energy tokens.  It is an interesting approach since access to capital markets has been a hurdle for green energy organizations.   It’s powered by a company based in Gibraltar. Wepower uses blockchain technology to create a direct market place for green energy consumers and the producers. This will become ethereum based virtual power plant. Wepower is making that the power tradable and accessible to anyone and give more control to people. It allows trading green energy in efficient, secure and transparent way. This is the first online platform for green energy trade.

Wepower would be able to grow up continuously as the percentage of renewable energy consumption in the world is expected to go up from 24% to 100% over time.  Wepower as a platform will help renewable energy producers to attract capital from direct energy users and investors. The main benefits that the producers take through this platform are;

  • Producer can maximize initial capital at a lower cost.
  • No need to pay finance costs.
  • Ability to access the investment on global level.
  • No operating risk to the producer at all as the order has been already made.
  • Platform ensures the transparency of investments.

It’s very easy to access in to the platform and trade in the platform. If you are a consumer or investor you have only to enter few details in registration for. Then you are directed to energy market. There you can see all the energy traders. Using this interface you can buy energy for household or investment purposes. Once the purchasing transaction completed, you can use, sell or transfer your ownership by clicking on “Transfer’ button. If you are a producer you have to follow a similar process to enter in to the market.

Wepower was launched in January 2017. By the June they could be able to secure a client with 1,000 MW   solar power project. In 2017 October, Wepower raised $3Mn through their pre-sale. Currently the team works to achieve the following milestones by 2019.

  • Launching the public token sale in February 2018.
  • Launching Wepower pilot project with Elering and tokenizing all Eastonian energy in April 2018. They will issue 11 billion energy tokens and test our platform on the Eastonian energy infrastructure.
  • Establishing company in Australia and starting SBC energy program in Australia.
  • Connecting Wepower platform in September 2018
  • Launching Wepower in Spain in November 2018
  • Expanding to the neighboring countries in 2019

Wepower has divided this road map in to three stages.

  1. Wepower Breeze

Currently they are running through this stage. They challenge the existing energy market and take a new entry by deploying necessary technology and the foundation.

  1. Wepower Storm

Expand the service provided by the platform and usability.

  1. Wepower Hurricane

Buildup new decentralized energy utility market.

Wepower has developed their own economy by introducing Energy tokens. These tokens allow energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own tokens. As a result energy producers can trade directly with the green energy consumers. All energy tokens are backed by real assets (Green Energy). This ensures the liquidity and optimizes the financial cycle within the platform. This enables a smart contract mechanism between producers and the users. Each token act as a smart contract, by which indicates the type of energy, date of production, date of delivery and price.  In normal scenario investors have to wait long time to raise startup cost or most of the micro size producers unable to raise sufficient capital to run forward with their projects. Once renewable energy producer is connected to Wepower platform his future energy production is tokenized. Energy is tokenized based on kWh unit. One internal energy token represents 1 kWh to be produced in a certain time of future (Energy futures). When financing requirement is arisen to a producer he can sell his energy futures on Wepower platform. The buyer/ investor can acquire futures by the form of tokens. This token model has been designed to meet regulatory requirement.

WPR token holders get the 48 hours priority to new energy auctions. After this time has lapsed, the remaining energy is offered to all market participants. If you own more tokens, you can access to large allocation of energy units. Auction priority allows purchase energy at best price. It also increases the trade value of tokens. Value growth is driven by the growth of the platform and energy auction demand.

WPR token holders can access to the Green energy donation pool. In this pool Green energy project developer announces a plant token sale on the Wepower platform and release energy tokens. 0.9% of these tokens are automatically put in to the contributor’s pool. Once the plant is built and the energy is produced, producer donates part of production to WPR token holders. Then the WPR token holders just like energy token holders can utilize energy.  

Wepower will sell 55% of total token supply through the pre – sale and main sale. 20% will be allocated to Wepower team. Remaining 25% will be allocated among Community and user growth and future stakeholders. Unsold token will be burned. Tokens allocated to the team will be locked for three years with a vesting schedule and tokens for the future use will be locked for 4 years.   

They expect to allocate raised funds as follows.

  • 45% for the development of platform
  • 25% for expansion and operations
  • 15% for integrate the Wepower platform to the existing energy infrastructures across the target market.
  • 15% for ensure legal compliances

Wepower is expecting to raise $35Mn by issuing WPR tokens in upcoming ICO. It will be beginning from 1st February 2018 and will last in 14 days. Conversion rate is 1 ETH for 4,000 WPR. You can subscribe in to ICO by logging in to www.Wepower.network  

Wepower has deployed a competitive team and advisors. If we talk about the team we can’t ignore following personalities.

  • Nikolaj Martyniuk – Co-Founder, Energy

Nick has ten years of experience working in the energy sector He was building energy and solar plants, trading green energy and certificates. As well he was involved in import and export of energy.

  • Arturas Asakavicius

Arturas is practicing law at one of the biggest law firms in the Baltics. He is responsible for all fintech blockchain and crypto currency related businesses and regulations. He is also Lithuanian fintech association chairman and twice recognized as the Lithuanian crownfunding patron by the EU commission.

  • Kaspar Kaarlep – CTO, Energy

Kasper has been a leader in the Europian Utility and DSO sector for the last ten years.

Other than that Wepower has deployed well qualified young team of Blockchain, Energy, Invesment and marketing advisors.

Wepower has establishes a very strong partnership with Conquista Solar, Civitas Project, Elering, Bitcoin Suisse, Tokenlot, BlockchainIL, Bancor, BlockEx, AmaZix etc.

WePower White Paper : Click Here 

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