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Code of Talent Review

Rapid technological development and globalization expand and improve all the sectors. Technological development is very important in modern education. It helps to move physical classroom to cloud base classrooms. But this E-learning system doesn’t deliver a good result as expected. The main failure is that the existing cloud base education system doesn’t motivate learners and it makes the learners isolated from peers. Code of talent is designed to address this problem.

Code of Talent is the world first Blockchain based decentralized, microlearning solution which improves the learning habits and motivation.  Code of Talent is designed on three main pillars. Those are as follows.

  • Earning as you learn
  • 10 minutes of daily learning sessions
  • Direct teacher interaction within group of 40 students

Code of Talent is developed with following unique features and is expected that the platform will solve the problems of E-learning.

  • Micro leaning engine with direct interaction between the learners and teachers.
  • Token incentive system designed to reward both parties.
  • Artificial intelligence based learning track on each learner’s profile.
  • Recruitment Feature dedicated to connecting companies and the learners for job hire purposes.
  • Advertising feature aimed at the companies interested to boost their employer branding.
  • Sponsor feature designed to get connected with the individuals and companies willing to support talents growth worldwide.

Code of Talent ecosystem is powered by 6 main actors. Educators and the learners are the main characters of the platform. But without Employers, Advertiser and sponsors, it would not be able to bring into the real world. All these participants can gain lots of benefits through this platform. Some of them are outlined below.


  • Get paid while learning
  • Short 10 minutes learning sessions
  • Interactive learning
  • Individual attention from the teacher
  • Accessibility to work opportunities
  • Credible track records on achievements


  • Getting paid to teach
  • Improving the quality of teaching
  • Accessibility to large pool of students and get the opportunity to help

less fortuned people

  • Keeping credible record on achievements

Employers, Advertisers and Sponsors

  • Accessibility global market and pool of talent
  • Capability to create nurturing programs
  • Create brand recognition

Code of Talent Platform

Code of Talent has developed an own Cryptocurrency namely CODE tokens. These tokens are baked by Ethereum platform and can be used to pay for services within the platform. 509,090,909 tokens are planned to be distributed among the platform participants as follows.

  • 55% among the general public through token sales
  • 12% among the team members
  • 4% among the advisors
  • 3% through bounty programs
  • Remaining 26% will be reserved in a fund

The token pre-sale will be started on 9th of July 2018 will be closed on 5th August 2018. During the pre-sale participants can earn following bonuses.

  • 15% for minimum 10 ETH
  • 7% for Minimum 1 ETH
  • 6% for whitelisting before pre-sale

Code of Talent Tokens

COT management team is comprised with highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication and education.  Following is a small explanation on the founders.

Code of Talent Team

Bogdan Ciubotaru

Bogdan is the CEO of this platform and he is an expert in IT, software education etc. He possesses more than 18 years of experience in his profession.

Vlad Grigoriu

Vlad possesses more than 20 years of experience in different areas including communication, innovation, and human capital.

Morius Opris

Morius acts as the chief learning alchemist of COT and he possesses 14 years experience as a trainer.

Adela Grigoriu

Adela is the business development director of COT. He possesses years of experience in customer interaction and business development.

COT was born in 2016 and the team expects to launch the first version of e-learning by the first quarter of 2019.

cod partners

For More Details of Code of Talent ICO:
Website: https://codeoftalent.io
Whitepaper: https://codeoftalent.io/assets/ICO_CoT_Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/CodeofTalentchat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodeOfTalent
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1917439



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