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Korona Coin Review

The rapid expansion of blockchain technology has created and opened a great potential market for crypto trade. But there are several failures to be answered in the crypto economy.  The main issues are cost and speed. Korona team has developed a better solution for those issues. They are developing the most reliable, bias-free, decentralized, Blockchain based, efficient transfer technology and ecosystem to make the banking function easier. It will connect the real world economy and the crypto economy. Korona possesses lots of unique features that others don’t possess. Some of them are:

  • Reward System will enable Early Bird Merchants to earn a reward by accepting tokens in their daily trading transaction.  
  • Wallet Management – Korona has developed the Korona wallet for individual platform users that can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Users will get a public and private key which can be used in transactions.
  • Korona API is created to ensure the security and speed. It will link traditional payment system and decentralized Blockchain based payment systems.
  • Korona Cryptobank will provide almost all the services that are provided by the traditional bankers. It will be helpful in day to day commercial activities.
  • Korona will provide the additional marketing opportunities to the member merchants which can be used to expand their market. Not only that the individual members can find the information about the shops where they can trade using tokens.
  • Fiat Guarantee system would enable the transactions among token using customers and fiat money using traders or visa-versa. Though the customer paid using tokens, the system will ensure that the merchant is getting paid in fiat currency.
  • The instant Payment system will enable the instant payments using smart wallet management system. In future Korona users will be able to make the payment using tokens through Korona mobile wallet.
  • Personal Storefront – Merchant can create a personalized storefront with Korona marketplace.
  • Volatility tempering mechanism is utilized to minimize the short-term negative movement in the token market.

Korona Tokens are the native tokens of this platform which enables the entry into the ecosystem. 300 Million Tokens would be distributed among the participants as follows;

  • 40% would be available in ICO
  • 30% would be reserved to utilized in post-ICO token distributions
  • 12% would be distributed among team members and advisors
  • 10% would be reserved in a separate fund to be utilized in flexibility mechanism.
  • 5% would be distributed among the Early Bird Merchants through reward programs
  • Remaining 3% would be distributed through bounty programs

The funds collecting through the ICO would be utilized in future developments of the ecosystem as follows;

  • 25% of developments
  • 20% to cover operating cost
  • 15% each would be allocated to marketing, security, and compliances
  • 5% will be reserved and other 5% will be utilized in legal compliances

Korona is a Swiss-based company which has deployed a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation about very few of team members.

Korona Team

Jean-Marc Stiegemeier – Head of Management

Jean is an inventor who worked as an engineer for NASA. He has held the managerial positions in globally diversified industries.

Attila Bustya – Chief Technology Officer

Attila is the CTO of Swiss Message bank and the co-founder of Spider DroneSecurity.

As per the management the team has researched and closely studied different cryptocurrencies in last ten years and now they are working to achieve following milestones in future years.


Q2 – Introducing Korona payment framework

Q4 – Introducing initial Korona crypto bank services


Q1 – Completing Korona payment framework by adding a business wallet, market web-store, price comparison system etc.

Q3 – Completing Korona ecosystem

The team invites you to take part in ICO and you can earn 20% bonus until 17th May 2018.

For More Information of Korona ICO:
Official Website: https://koronacoin.io
Whitepaper: https://koronacoin.io/Documents/KoronaEcosystemWhitePaperFinal.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/koronacoinio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoronaCoin



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