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What is Centrifuge

About Centrifuge


Centrifuge is dedicated to promoting sustainable opportunities everywhere. Their team has established a variety of businesses over the past 20 years and they still loved playing together. In the past, they have built tech that processes billions of dollars per day and utilizes 97 percent of the Fortune 100. With the support of our world-class founders, experts, associates, and a squad, they have begun Centrifuge to begin developing real apps and solve real market problems. 

Financial processes seldom communicate explicitly through business borders. Business networks fight for market share and therefore do not have opportunities to share customer accounts, create a stable and mutual credibility structure inside the network, or give up their data silos to others. They believe that the time for gradual enhancement of archaic systems needs to come to an end. 

Their vision is that every company will use Centrifuge OS someday to engage in a decentralized ecosystem. And their goal, day in and day out, is to reform the laws of global exchange and promote economic opportunities everywhere.

Mining Radial

The radial token is the engine of the centrifugal chain. As a substrate-based token paralleled to Ethereum, it connects Centrifuge to the world’s largest DeFi ecosystems. 

The Radial Token Model enables Centrifuge to provide the architecture required to operate the platform without depending on a single point of failures, such as the Centrifuge team or business, and to enhance its usage. 

To this end, Centrifuge optimizes the crypto-economic primitives of an indigenous token named Radial (RAD), a Nominated-Proof-of-Stake Consensus technique that takes Radial to Stake Value, Centrifuge Entry Incentives, and an on-chain governance system that emboldens Radial holders to direct the creation of Centrifuge.

What is Tinlake

Their Products Explained


1) Tinlake: Tinlake helps Asset Originators to fund their investments and Investors to participate in them, all without the confidence of an intermediary or depending on a single default. Asset Originators may allow the use of financial resources that are typically reserved for major companies only: securitization. 

The Protocol integrates the numerous parties needed to structure, maintain and fund collateralized pools of assets classified by form and risk (IE invoices, auto loans, mortgages, or royalties). Through streamlining the procedure and minimizing costs, the Tinlake Protocol offers financial stability for Asset Originators, helping them to maximize risk distribution and obtain immediate funding from DeFi or their conventional partners. 

Tinlake’s range of smart contracts pools NFTs that reflect non-fungible real-world assets and uses them as leverage to fund a secure cryptocurrency asset like DAI or USDC. This is achieved by releasing fungible, interest-bearing tokens that constitute a portion of the profits of the whole pool.

What is Centrifuge Chain

2) Centrifuge Chain: Centrifuge Chain is the portal to the Blockchain Multiverse for real-world money. They have developed the Centrifuge Chain on Parity Substrate with a preliminary link to Ethereum. This helps them to work quickly and use a standardized approach to some functions. 

They envisage a wider network with multiple linked blockchains—where Dapps on Ethereum might use information from many other chains, the value could transfer freely, and Centrifuge Chain might allow off-chain assets to reach funding via DeFi. 

Using Centrifuge Chain, companies can transform their Real-World Assets (RWA) to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This allows Asset Originators to position these NFTs in Tinlake pools on Ethereum as leverage. Centrifuge Chain is a platform-independent PoS blockchain designed to fund and operated by the Radial (RAD) token. Tinlake utilizes the Centrifuge ecosystem, like the Centrifuge Chain and the P2P communication protocol, to carry DeFi to a consumer-ready platform.

In summary, Centrifuge is open source software, which is developed with a long-term vision of enhancing the entire cryptocurrency world. 

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Website: https://centrifuge.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/centrifuge
Medium: https://medium.com/centrifuge
Telegram Group: https://t.me/centrifuge_chat
Documentation: https://developer.centrifuge.io/

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Article by Anton De Mel

Centrifuge Chain address: 4cPtv6PyFn6fsfM2fBhZa2EJbDvqMr12jmL44tu69EC6Z62Q

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