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Student Coin Review

Student Coin


The goal of Student Coin is to transform the future of the digital economy. Student Coin is the very first platform that enables users to quickly plan, create, and handle personal, business, NFT, and DeFi tokens.



This initiative has come to inspire, teach and inform students about the need to implement blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and tokenization in the education system so that they would not be left out in this new age. 

“Tokenization” is the evolution of the future, where every individual and every organization has its own token. Student Coin enables customized tokens to be produced and using their functions as crowdfunding, exchanging ruling, voting, or payments. 

Student Coin tokens are priced at the central reference currency-STC Token, which can be exchanged and privately financed at the Student Coin Platform-STC Exchange. 

One of the illustrations of how STC-based tokens can function is the DeFi tokens provided by students to democratize their student loans.

Student Coin Token (STC)


The student coin token is called the STC. It runs on a waves blockchain that utilizes wave NG protocols and a stable Ethereum blockchain. 

Student coin provides opportunities for exchanging, i.e. from one blockchain to the next, and also acts as a reference currency and storing value for all student coin tokens available on the ecosystem.

STC Token Distribution

The quality of STC


The quality of this token is rendered in such a manner that students from all sorts of backgrounds can communicate and link internationally in a non-monetary and tokenized way as their data is processed on the network. This would not only save resources but will also help to eliminate the presence of middlemen in the education field.

Student Coin Features

When explaining what’s student coin, we have a focus on its features:


1) Blockchain-based project: To bring widespread tokenization into the market, Student Coin is developing a forum to quickly generate and grow real, business, start-up, and finance tokens.

2) Backed by universities: Like the world-famous Facebook at the start of its journey, Student Coin links students and organizations from over 500 of the top universities in the country. 

3) Fundamental Value and Dividend: To help Student Coin by its fundamental meaning, the STC token is based on the most powerful blockchain utilities, such as openness, value preservation, transfers, and daily dividends.

4) Tool for everyone: Changing the environment with private, DeFi, and NFT coins for all, Student Coin lets you create and handle tokens as effortlessly as today’s social networking profile. 

5) Transparency and Legitimacy: To ensure its long – term growth and credibility, the Student Coin Team is entirely open, whilst the project runs in compliance with the laws of the European Union.

6) Scalable platform and Exchange: To enable token building for any user, company, and project, STC develops its ecosystem centered on Ethereum as well as its token trading, creator terminal, and mobile platform.

What is STC Terminal?


The STC Terminal is a platform for wide-scale tokenization. Through the STC Terminal, everyone and every organization would be able to build tokens and control their long-term resources. The STC Terminal would be exclusively related to the STC Exchange. 

STC Terminal is being built at

Student Coin Launchpad

The LaunchPad


STC Launchpad ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will become the primary fundraising case for the Student Coin Programme. In the Launchpad, participants will be eligible to buy up to 60% of the available amount of STC Tokens. 

STC Launchpad ICO would be distinct from other ICOs as it will accept fiat transfers, including several rounds of funding, provide an advanced affiliate network, and what is most significant would be carried out based on the already implemented token – STC.

Student Coin Team

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