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E-commerce market has been rapidly growing since fast few years, but still, people highly attracted with offline shopping and trade. Because of that, instead of integrating online shopping and Blockchain technology, carry team tries to leverage Blockchain technology with this traditional human behavior.

Carry is a Blockchain based offline trading platform that connects merchants and consumers. Carry is designed to address inefficiencies exist with offline trading through followings;

* Providing a platform for merchants to understand and communicate with the customers

* Enabling consumers to control and monetize their own information

* Offering an efficient and transparent advertising channel

Carry is designed with two major concepts namely, Blockchain technology (On blockchain) and APIs (Off blockchain). Under that two core concepts following components are deployed to make the Carry ecosystem stronger.


Carry transaction database – This is a virtual database build on the Blockchain where the transaction data is generated and stored by the consumers.

Carry smart contract – Smart contracts enables use tokens on the platform.


Carry wallet API – This API enables the consumers to manage their cryptocurrencies, control their transaction data and privacy settings.

Carry device API – This API connects the devices to the stores and Carry protocol to enable the transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Carry platform offers benefits to the platform participants in different ways. Some of them are outlined below.

Merchant advantages

* Merchant can use the existing POS machine to get connected into the ecosystem

* Enable to accept virtual currency in offline shops

* Increase the transaction speed

* Get the ability to offer digital coupons and customer branded tokens that improve the customer loyalty

Consumer advantages

* Ability to manage and control own data

* Can monetize own information anonymously

* Can collect coupon and loyalty points

Not only the consumers and the merchants earn benefits from this platform, but the advertisers can gain following benefits by joining with this platform.

* Ability to utilize data stored in the platform

* Ability to reach a large audience without cost

* Get the ability to track the effectiveness of the advertisements

Carry platform uses CRE tokens as the legal currency within the platform. It enables the interaction between the consumers, advertisers and merchants by leveraging smart contracts. Consumers can earn extra CRE from third party advertisers if they share transaction data voluntarily that stored in the Blockchain. Carry expects to distribute 10 Billion CRE tokens as follows.

* 40% through token sales

* 25% will be distributed among the partner companies that help to build a healthy ecosystem

* 15% will be distributed among the merchants and consumers for market activation

* 10% will be distributed among the team

* 5 % will be distributed among the advisors

* Remaining 5% will be reserved in a company reserve

By the third quarter of 2018 the token sale is planned to be launched and the basic components of the platform will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018. The

developed system will be launched by the second half of 2019. Then the system will be made open for 3rd parties.

carry partner

carry partners

The platform is a proud product of Spoqa – a South Korea’s platform who possesses 15 Million clientele and 10,000 partner stores. The company has deployed a management team which is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online trading, and marketing. Following is a brief explanation about the founders.

Grant Sohn

Grant is an expert in Economics and he possesses more than ten years of experience in the industry. He is the co-founder of Epoque.

Richard Choi

Richard obtained his master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. He is the original founder of Spoqa and possesses seven years of experience in the industry.

The team believes that Carry platform will turn around the offline trading industry without much effect on traditional consumer behavior.

Carry Team

Carry Protocol Roadmap


For More Details of Carry Protocol ICO:
Website: https://carryprotocol.io/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carryprotocol.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carryprotocol
Telegram: https://t.me/carryprotocol



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