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What is Swan Finance



Swan Finance is an Ecosystem centered on Blockchain Technology that has become a portal between a centralized conventional financial structure and a decentralized system, in an Ecosystem built by their team, which would provide a modern Ecosystem based on Blockchain where the Ecosystem integrates the two systems in one spot. 


Their ecosystem provides a forum with an incredibly simple interface for topics like earning interest on staked assets, peer-to-peer financing, and more. Its users store their capital on the Swan Platform to earn interest with enticing APY, and users may use their crypto assets as leverage to lend extra interest to others by utilizing the Ecosystem Platform.

Their Token


They are using an ERC20 token named SWAN. Using the SWAN token to get the highest interest rate available. Stake SWAN coins to gain higher interest, up to 20 percent APY on SWAN tokens and up to 12 percent APY on other cryptocurrencies mentioned below. You may pick one month or three months to lock up your deposit. Interest is charged every 7 days using the SWAN coin.

1) Swan Token

2) BTC Bitcoin

3) XLM Stellar

4) ETH Ethereum

5) USD Tether

Swan Finance Other Interesting Features


The ecosystem built by Swan Finance has many other interesting elements, like:

  • Full-featured Trading and Margin Trade
  • Investing where users can experience the same functionalities as conventional systems
  • A wallet that provides a secure place to store money
  • Trade with a network that can be incorporated with AI
  • A pay function that enables users to use their crypto profits to finance different services

Their ecosystem is also really complete and allows it possible for people to choose a new framework.

Swan Security


Your cryptocurrency and your stablecoins are secure with them. They developed the layout of the platform to include as much protection as possible. They hold most cryptocurrencies in cold wallets before they are required for transactions or withdrawals. 

They secure your wallets and cryptocurrency with several ways to validate your identity as you log in to your transactions. Their portal is as secure as the online accounts you use with your banks.

Swan Ecosystem


They are going to launch with SwanFinance. But it is just the start of the Swan Ecosystem that would include: 

  • SwanCredit
  • SwanInvestments
  • SwanPay
  • SwanExchange
  • SwanTrade
  • SwanWallet

There would also be more forms to earn rewards and incentives for the usage of SWAN tokens.

Platform Wallets


Each cryptocurrency and stablecoin available on the SwanFinance platform will have 2 wallets on the platform:

The account wallet- is used to keep the cryptocurrency and stablecoin before you plan to lock up to gain profit, or to invest further cryptocurrencies, or to extract to outside wallets. Bonus SWAN tokens are now allocated to this account. 

Earn Interest Wallet- is where cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are kept safe for one month or three months to earn a return. While designing the SwanCredit network, you will still use locked-in cryptocurrencies in the Gain Interest Wallet to concurrently earn extra interest through leveraging others on the SwanCredit decentralized framework. 

The SWAN Stake Wallet- is for the SWAN token only. To receive the best bond yields on the SwanFinance network and pay the lowest fees on potential platforms, you should lock up and hold $2,000 of SWAN tokens in this wallet. As long as you lock up $2,000 in SWAN coins, you are entitled to receive the best interest rates and incur the lowest costs. The lock-up time is 4 months for the SWAN Stake Wallet. You receive 14 percent APY interest for SWAN tokens held in the SWAN Stake Wallet.

Swan Finance Team

Swan Finance Roadmap

For More Details About SwanFinance :


Website: https://www.swanfinance.io
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/swan_finance
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swanfinance.io
Telegram Group: https://t.me/swanfinancechat
Whitepaper: https://swarn-website-assets.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/docs/Whitepaper_1.2.pdf


Article by Anton De Mel

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