What is SKYF | Advantages Of SKYFChain and SKYF Tokensale

What is SKYF ChainSKYF is the first B2R (Business to Robots) artificial intelligence platform which is backed by Ethereum blockchain. SKYF is going to test the platform using SKYF drones and once the sea-borne and ground-borne cargo robotized, unmanned trucks, ships, cars come into the market, will be integrated with the platform. The main purpose of SKYF is to integrate all the relevant information into a decentralized network, which all market participants can be reached.

SKYF offers lots of advantages to its participants.

  • Ability to take off and land vertically. Its powerful gasoline fans and engines enable it to transport large loads compared to similar types of helicopter drones.
  • The aircraft can fly 350 kilometers at 70km/h. Possible to carry 400 kg and it can be used as a marching aircraft for monitoring, rescue, and fire extinguishing purposes.  
  • SKYF can fly for eight continuous hours.
  • Labor cost is the highest cost consumer in logistic industry. Unmanned, robotized transportation mechanism would help to cut off the operating cost by more than fifty percents
  • This is a transparent and trusted platform that offers financing and insurance over the assets.

SKYF uses SKYF tokens (SKYFT) as their official currency within the platform. SKYFT is a cryptocurrency that would be accepted and used in the platform.

SKYF expects to release 1.2 Billion SKYFTs to the platform participants. Total would be allocated as follows.

  • 44% would be available in crowdsale
  • 15% would be reserved in network development fund for support the blockchain operations
  • 10% would be allocated for community development fun
  • 1.5% would be available in bounty programs
  • 20% would be allocated to the team  
  • 9.5% would be reserved to control future price fluctuations.

Finance teams’ expectation is to collect $30 Mn and the funds would be allocated for following purposes.

  • 45% -for research and development
  • 25% – for marketing and platform development
  • 24% – for operations, business and corporate development
  • 6% for legal compliances and administration

SKYF management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Alexander Timofeev – CEO

Alexander has done his higher education in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Latvian State University in Physics. He is the founder and CEO of Microbor-Nanotech, FPI, and InvestkinoProject.

Valery Krivenko – IR

Valery has studied at London business school, University of California and MAGIMO University. He was the managing partner of bright capital.

Michael Terpin, Alexey Arkhipov, Igor Karavaev and Alexander Ivanor work as the advisors on the platform.

SKYF expects to expand their platform globally during the period between 2018 and 2025. They have lined up few of the milestones as follows.


  • Developing the private blockchain
  • Creating the international legal structure
  • Selling SKYF first drone and expanding the partner network

2020 – 2022

  • Adding third-party drone data into SKYFchain
  • Lobbying for new regulations in development markets

2023 – 2025

  • Building the connection with ground, sea cargo and passenger drones

For More Information About SKYFchain-Official Website

SKYFchain-Telegram group 

SKYFchain-official Twitter


Read SKYFchain Whitepaper: Click Here


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