Best Bitcoin Debit Cards For Cryptocurrency Investor’s

As Bitcoin users tend to possess a valid debit card more and more, many developers enabled them to have one. In the following section we’re going to go through some of the most popular debit card choices among the cryptocurrency users and some new cards that recently showed up on the market. Debit cards in this list are not sorted by popularity or date, but rather listed randomly, so you can choose the that suits you the best.


Wirex debit card is a 2-way bitcoin card. It means that you can keep both bitcoins and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) in your account, and switch between them whenever you want. You can get a Plastic card for $ 17 and Virtual card for $3. Wirex offers both Visa and MasterCard.

This company offers unnamed cards where you don’t need any personal documents if you load it up to $2500.  However, verified users have no load limits at all. Both verified and unverified users don’t have any daily spend limits, regarding the number of purchases and their values.

This card has fairly below average fees, but not always the lowest ones. For example, the v2.1 version update of Wirex card has exchange rate which is very close to market price. It is 1% when converting BTC to fiat, and $2.50 when using the ATM. They ship this debit card to more than 130 countries. They’re one of the rarest support services that operate 24/7, and the business is usually done very fast.


The Capitalist Prepaid Visa Plastic card is a multi-purpose prepaid card which is reloadable. It is good for cash withdrawals and cashless payments for goods and services on the Internet. It can all go through POS-terminals that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are several advantages when using this particular card. The standard shipping and card issuing are free. When issuing a card you need a minimum set of documents to provide. When using ATMs around the world, cash withdrawals in any currency are charged $1.99. Users can expect the express delivery within 4 business days.

Capitalist enables you to make free online and offline payments for goods and services. There is also the option of online access to personal finances and general card statement. You can load funds to your card for $0.99. The maximum deposit amount per day on Capitalist is $20 000.


In general, the BitPay Card is one of the fastest ways to turn bitcoins into dollars. You can apply for the card easily in less than two minutes. Bitcoin to dollar load fees are 0%.

It’s important to know that you can load your BitPay Card with dollars using any bitcoin wallet. There is also the possibility of topping it up from the phone or computer, regardless of your location. ATM withdrawals are instant, regardless of the location as well.

The card will cost you $9.95, and you need to pay for this product in BTC. Registration usually requires the social security number, email, and current mailing address. The delivery can be expected within 7 to 10 business days.

Users can load $10,000 per day and up to $25,000 can be held on the Bitpay Visa. When you use it on ATMs, you can expect to get local cash from any Visa-compatible ATM. ATM fees are $2, ACH transfers are $5, and there’s a charge of $5 if you don’t use the card for 90 days.


Payeer MasterCard is a debit card, your personal ATM or Virtual Mastercard. It has 0% of the commission for transactions in more than 200 countries over the world. It has no monthly fees. If you prefer air delivery, it can be done in 189 countries worldwide. Air delivery costs $9.00, while express delivery costs $35.00. You would wait 10 to 25 days if it’s standard, or 3 to 7 days if it’s express.

Information about the Payeer Platinum Master Card

– 0.00$ Card Activation

– 0.00$ Monthly service

– 0% Cash withdrawal

– 0% Online Payment

– 0% Shopping in stores

You can get a card by Mail or DHL, regardless of your location in the world. The card will be sent to your home address, but when it comes to shipping, you can choose between standard or express shipping method.

With this card you can pay for goods and withdraw money at any ATM at 0%. You just need a PIN-code and then you simply activate the card by pressing the “Activate” button in your Payeer account.

When it comes to international instant transactions, the recipient gets the payment from the website projects, minus the 0.95% fee, unless the sender set it differently. You can exchange one currency for another in our system at a fairly low rate. It is 2% for USD and EUR.

When funding and depositing, you can fund your account at 0% with some funding options that are available on the official website, and withdraw money with the fees range from 0% to 5%, depending on the chosen system.

CoinsBank (Bit-X)

BIT-X has gone through a complete redesign and emerged again renamed as CoinsBank. The initial cost of this card is $ 19.90, while a monthly fee is $ 0.9500.

CoinsBank offers a debit card with the smallest fee, which is 0.5% BTC to fiatcurrencies (USD, EUR). The one rare thing is that they ship to the US. The plastic card costs 0.13BTC and there is no virtual card offered yet.

When using CoinsBank, you can top up your card with LTC (Litecoin). Accepted fiat is USD, EUR, and GBP. The account has to be verified and there are some limits as well. Your account can have $15,000 maximum, and the daily use limit is €2600. The ATM fees are quite high, around $4.95.

When it comes to conversion fee, CoinsBank has a low conversion fee and it could be the best occasional use, although there are some inactivity fees.


Cropopay offers a debit card that has a 1% BTC to fiat fee. They still do not offer a virtual card, while the plastic card costs €15. It supports only EUR and GBP.

When it comes to balance limits, it is €20,000. Withdraw limit varies from €200 to €1000, and it costs €2.75. Criptopay charges a monthly fee of GBP 1.00.


Xapo is mostly known as a cryptocurrency wallet and vault with a very useful mobile app. They offer a plastic Visa card which costs $20. When it comes to fiat, it is available in USD, EUR and GBP.

Xapo has a low fee of 1% for BTC conversion and $2.50 for ATM withdrawal. The balance stays only in bitcoin, and it is converted in the moment you use the card. Verified users do not have any limits. Xapo has the annuity fee and inactivity charge as well.


Advcash has a debit card with just 0.5% fee, but the trick is that there’s another fee of 2% in all bitcoin deposits. Advcash offers both plastic and virtual cards, USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. The plastic card costs $4,99.

When it comes to ATM withdrawal, the fee for use is $1,99. The daily use limit is $3000 and balance limit is $10.000.

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