What is Truegame | Advantages of TrueGame ICO and iGaming Platform

What is TrueGame

With the expansion of internet usage among the general public, we can see that the people use internet gaming applications for entertainment. But there are lots of problems that the players face. The main problem is transparency of the websites. The users can’t be sure that they are getting paid the actual winning price. That depends on the game manager’s integrity.

Truegame has built up a solution for these issues. Through the innovative blockchain technology and smart contracts, they have developed a comprehensive gaming platform which addresses the transparency issue.

Truegame is a blockchain based online game room for Lotteries and iGaming, backed by Ethereum network. This platform has been able to distinguish themselves from others on following grounds.

  • Truegames’ game algorithms and random number generation are opened and the codes are available on GitHub.
  • Both the game and the winning distributions occur in an independent blockchain based environment and no one can interfere with the process. As a result, anybody cannot manipulate any information.
  • Players can check the progress and results at any time.
  • Each in and out is backed by a smart contract that automatically allocates the winning reward without the intervention of game manager.
  • Anyone can check the size of Jackpot at any time.
  • The game is based on totally random combinations received from blockchain. Because of that the winning chances only depend on the fortune ad mathematical probabilities.

TrueGame uses TGAME tokens as their official currency within the platform. They expect to release 300 million tokens. Pre-sale is now open and will be held on 14th April 2018. Main sale is planned to open on 16th April 2018.

The total of tokens will be distributed as follows.

  • 4% and 15 % will be allocated to advisors and the team respectively
  • 70% will be available on token sales
  • 10% will be kept in the company reserve to utilized in the future
  • 1% will be distributed through bounty programs

Funds collecting through token sales would be utilized for the platform development in below fractions.

  • 12% – for platform developments
  • 10% – for ensuring the legal compliances
  • 33% to run the Jackpot
  • 45% – for marketing

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Dmitry Danilov – CEO

Danilov possesses more than fifteen years of working experience in online sales ottogroup.com. He is the co-owner of Catalogi.ru.

Dmitry Shchuvatov – CMO

Shchuvatov is a specialist in worldwide performance marketing with ten years of experience.

Mate Tokay, Arvind Upadhyay, Andrew Clarke, Eduardo Morales, Bogdan Fiedur, Esteban Van GoorBenjamin , Robert Lenzhofer, Idor Karavaev are the main advisors of the platform.

Truegame expects to expand their platform globally during the period between 2018 and 2019. They have lined up few of the milestones as follows.

  • Introducing the mobile app on Google play
  • Launching referral partner program
  • Extending the billing system
  • Finalizing multilingual user interface for 11 languages
  • Integrating popular Cryptocurrencies
  • Introducing the mobile app for Apple store
  • Launching a multichannel advertising campaign

Truegame has partnered with Bitcon.com, ICO daily, Bitcoin PR Buzz, CCN etc. to achieve their targets.  

For More Information About TeueGame-Official Website

TrueGame-Telegram group 

TrueGame-official Twitter


Read TrueGame Whitepaper: Click Here


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