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what is ySign

What is ySign? 

ySign is a decentralized framework focused on Blockchain technologies. They offer their users the ability to connect openly, safely, and anonymously. The sharing of knowledge has never been simpler and more secure! 

Thanks to Blockchain technologies, a backup of your private messages and calls can only be kept on your own account. There is no central server where confidential information may be kept. ySign guarantees 100% confidentiality and anonymity during the sharing of messages and calls.

They don’t need your private information. The only thing you need to do is build an “ID key” and a password. The ID keys are held solely by the user. You alone are liable for the protection of the key!

The features of the app

1) Decentralized Chat: They want to link people around the world by offering a free and safe network with 100% confidentiality.

2) Secure Calling: Receive and make free calls using the ySign app. Talk to your mates or coworkers, understanding that no details can be exchanged with third parties. Discussions are decentralized and cannot be processed in any manner whatsoever.

3) Cryptocurrency Wallet: Keep all of your cryptocurrencies on our optimized wallet. Check the existing balance at any given moment.

4) Sending Cryptocurrency through Chat: Send crypto to your buddies quickly and easily through chat. Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to submit and insert the number. You don’t need to add a wallet URL.

5) For Business and Pleasure: Work in the peace of mind and guarantee that the ventures and proposals are protected from unwelcome eyes. Communicate with staff mates, address confidential problems or customer details, understanding that no one will access the results.

ySign App

Powered by Inery Blockchain

YSign does not operate on a single server but instead harnesses the capacity of thousands of computers worldwide named nodes within the Inery Ecosystem. With the advantages of blockchain technologies, ySign is robust to abuse data and a single point of failure. 

Inery is an open-source decentralized database with a vibrant master and light node ecosystem that constructs the whole blockchain system. It helps to build a quicker and more reliable data storage mechanism without the need for an administrator in the database management framework. 

Inery seeks to have a safe and efficient way of storing data where consumers and enterprises have full control over their invaluable details.

Why Blockchain?

The decentralized Blockchain-based architecture is their way of safeguarding and ensuring absolute anonymity throughout the sharing of knowledge. Encrypted Peer-to-Peer networking allows users of ySign to interact openly and anonymously with each other without any of their sensitive data being processed on a central server. 

This way, correspondence between registered users remains between themselves, and their private information is kept only on their own devices. As there is no centralized duplication of any personal details, there is also no risk of abuse of any knowledge regarding our ySign participants.

White label Communications App

An open network for your smartphone applications and websites with a completely controlled chat framework and an interactive wallet to store ERC20 cryptocurrencies. They want to deliver an advanced, stable, and quick contact application that will help you engage, attract, and expand Android and iOS consumers. 

You will use this white label approach under your own name to satisfy your unique demands and achieve a strategic edge over other players on the market. The open infrastructure provides end-to-end secure email, voice and video calls, file storage, cryptocurrency wallets, and more value-added features for customers.

In summary, if you are someone who is searching for a highly confidential communication method and keen on cryptocurrencies, here’s a top choice for you. 

For More Details About ySign :

Website: http://ysign.app/
Google play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ySign&hl=en
iOS App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1468090955
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ysignAPP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ySignAPP
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ySign/

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