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What is Student Coin

Student Coin is a complex ecosystem that enables each individual, project, and organization to build and manage their own tokens conveniently. Student Coin [STC] is a university-based project that combines academic and investor groups to build individual STC-based tokens for individuals, organizations, start-ups, and ventures. 

Student Coin Ecosystem

“Tokenization” is a method of creating a token for an entity, an exact individual, a company, or other particular intent. Tokenization has tremendous promise in crowdfunding, regulation, and securities administration. Student Coin is driven by a reliable platform to quickly build, grow, and handle your own tokens. 

To increase the consciousness of blockchain technologies and allow a global transition into a token-based economy, Student Coin promotes education and partners with student organizations in more than 500 top universities.

Their Top Goals

-To encourage everyone to build and maintain their own personal token as simply as the social network profile. 

-To introduce tokenization into the mainstream by encouraging knowledge in blockchain technologies, decentralized financing, and tokenomics.

The terminal and tokens

The STC Terminal will allow advanced wide-scale tokenization. Both colleges, student groups, lecturers, or even persons will be able to generate their own tokens which will be held in the STC App. Once the token is launched, it will be conveniently manageable in the STC Terminal. 

The vast international network of universities, faculty, and students with a large degree of participation allows Student Coin the only initiative on the planet that can launch wider tokenization of education.

Why Student Coin?

  • STC would enable you to build your own token and control its services in the STC Terminal. 
  • Token holders will earn a dividend from token trading and crowdfunding fees created in the STC Exchange. 
  • STC would enable you to build your own token and control its services in the STC Terminal. 
  • STC Token can serve as the value storage and reference currency for all tokens in the Student Coin Ecosystem. 
  • STC shall set up an educational panel that facilitates tokenization and educates on economics, finance, and emerging technology

The concept of the project is to build the globe’s first academically-focused cryptocurrency, monitored by the university and research faculty, designed by students for students. Student Coins are used to create a multi-university decentralized financial ecosystem. 

Student Coin [STC] is a blockchain Wave currency. The real price of one student coin [STC] is $0.001841. Student Coin is mentioned on 3 platforms with a total of 4 active markets. The 24h value of [STC] is $1 242.16, where the Student Coin market cap is $0, and that’s why it positions as #2052 among all cryptocurrencies.

The Purpose of the Project – the project’s parts

The educational panel, which aims to educate students about cryptocurrency, tokenization, emerging technology, and personal finance, as well as to build an international, close-knit academic community among campuses. 

The tokenization component, developed by STC Terminal, STC Exchange, and STC Mobile App, is designed to enable the development of personal tokens, corporate tokens, and the provision of blockchains as storage of academic data. 

Student Coin as the universities’ tokenization leader

The most critical long-term goal of the Student Coin is to establish dedicated tokens for each institution, student, and person that will be focused on the Student Coin. The cooperating student groups, colleges, and students would have access to an open-source tool named the STC Terminal, which would make it simpler to build and maintain their tokens such as the Oxford Student Token or the Stanford Student Token. Besides, tokens can be openly exchanged on the incoming STC Exchange to STC, in pairs such as OXF/STC or STN/STC, facilitating crowdfunding, voting, or governance of ventures and organizations.

Student Coin Team

STC Terminal – https://terminal.studentcoin.org

STC exchange https://exchange.studentcoin.org

For More Details About Student Coin:

Website: https://www.studentcoin.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/studentcoinorg
Telegram Group: https://t.me/studentcoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studentcoin.org
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UKSIOBBUROckuemkQhPM21F3aKdto9JN/view

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