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First ICO Platform

As a result, funds furl comes that give services or technology with the construct of decentralization which will flip the terribly foundation of our existing society the other way up, instead of wherever immediate returns are expected. The rationale for these large investments is as results of ICO investors are fully totally different from equity investors. They dejected and uncertain regarding the present state of society, and have a way of duty to make a plentiful future. Twenty or thirtysomethings that firmly perceive the potential of technology to attain this are polar. They persisted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and alternative AltCoins before the initial value surge, and raked in giant capital gains. These sums would be not possible to achieve by a twenty or mid-thirties conventionally operating within the structure of the current society.

ICOVO aims to resolve this drawback by mistreatment associate autonomously OS that doesn’t rely on individual experience. The system may be a hybrid of the centralized client-server model and a redistributed P2P model that includes majority accord. The centralized system is employed to extend the transparency of ICO planners and comes. Specifically, this can be achieved as planners’ identities are confirmed through ID verification and GitHub updates are quantified and displayed on ICOVO internet to form the particular standing of the project additional clear. The redistributed system is employed to forestall scams wherever ICO planners now withdraw funds and disappear when token sales. Fraud is prevented through DAICOVO, associate implementation of DAICO.

The ICO market is predicted to be principally junction rectifier by twenty or thirty-somethings extremely literate in blockchain technology, however so as to invigorate the ICO market and increase its runniness, it’s necessary to expand the vary of investors. It’s necessary to change additional old or older investors with solely a basic understanding of blockchain technology to participate.

Two major problems exist. First, the steps necessary for investors to participate in ICOs vary from project to project and are tough to know. The same as crowdfunding platforms or securities firms’ websites, the investment method has to be uniformly efficient. The key to the solution may be a pocketbook optimized for ICOs desegregation an easy-to-use computer programme (UI) and exceptional user expertise (UX).


ICOVO can solve this drawback through the ICOVO App. The ICOVO App is optimized for ICOs with a listing of ICOs and options the world’s 1st (as of Jan 2018) pocketbook wherever all tokens conformist to the ERC20/ERC223 standards will be managed. Anyone with a smartphone will invest in associate ICO project through the ICOVO App. Combined with the ICOVO web site, which might be accessed by pc, ICO participation becomes even easier.

ICOVO Ecosystem

ICOVO may be a one-stop ICO support service providing DAICOVO, a platform for managing the issue of tokens in ICOs mistreatment Ethereum’s ERC20/ERC223-compliant DAICO framework, the ICOVO App, which has a pocketbook operate that may manage all ERC20/ERC223-compliant tokens, KYC/AML functions for ICO investors, Block Chain and IPFS-based whitepaper versioning, and ICO internet, associate ICO listing website with ICO project management functions, additionally as alternative ICO requirements like reviews of whitepapers and alternative documents, legal checks, engineer work from DAICOVO parameter adjustment to readying, and providing all of this on a one-stop basis can reassure ICO investors, lend believability to ICO project founders, and create ICOs additional sound, whereas at identical time lowering the barrier to entry in ICOs by consolidating the participation method.

ICOVO can issue its own token—OVO that may be used on our ICO platform ICOVO. OVO has some utility functions. ICO investors can buy ICO project tokens at a twenty fifth discount compared to buying with ETH. It also can be wont to pay money for co-working areas and alternative services ICOVO provides. Moreover, OVO will be wont to exercise ballot rights for raising the faucet (amount that may be withdrawn per second) or returning a procured fund back to the investors. The OVO token doesn’t possess the practicality of assets like securities, and its distribution isn’t coupled to ICOVO’s profits.



For More Details of ICOVO:
Official Website: https://icovo.co
Whitepaper: https://icovo.co/whitepaper/20180831_wp_service_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/icovoco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOVOCO
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468796.0

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