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The competition among cryptocurrency exchanges grows as additional and additional individuals get involved during this sphere. Nowadays the creation of a reputable platform that operates all of the foremost common cryptos isn’t enough. Extremely competitive market demands innovative promoting solutions. Crypto exchange Ruby-x plays by the principles of the sport and has developed one thing special to surprise the crypto community – the Ruby-x mercantilism context. The platform can’t be suspect of greed: the value of rewards and prizes is concerning $10 million.

The Ruby-x mercantilism Contest is that the grand gap event for the new cryptocurrency exchange. It’ll be control in 2 segments: the beta service competition takes place from the seventeenth of August to the ordinal of September, the official service unharness are going to be celebrated by the second competition that’s to begin on the twentieth of September. The aim are going to be a similar for each competitions: obtaining most absolute gain.

Each contender can get free a hundred, 1000 USDT from the platform to demonstrate the mercantilism skills. Each competitions could also be entered at any moment. All that’s required is to register on Ruby-x web site, apply for the competition.

The prizes vary for the 2 competitions. The Beta service competition that is on the point of begin can reward the highest traders with cryptocurrency prizes. The highest a hundred lucky participants can get the USDT token that they will multiply victimization their mercantilism skills. The prize for the primary place is $2,000 price USDT.

The second competition can reward fewer traders, however the prizes are competitor. Five individuals can get rewards in USDT like within the previous spherical. The fourth and also the fifth places can in addition get gift cards, however the $64000 attraction of the Ruby-x mercantilism competition is that the prizes for the highest three winners. Every of them can get a mobile house.

The fast development of the economic process the crypto comes to seek out new ways that to draw in individuals. It’s going to be a challenge for the crypto exchanges like Ruby-x, however the crypto community undoubtedly edges from matters. They not solely get the higher quality services, however get the chance to win cool pricy prizes.

Ruby Exchange has declared its main grand gap event, ‘Ruby-x mercantilism Contest.’ This mercantilism Contest can proceed over 2 rounds from August seventeen to September fourteen. Ruby Exchange is presently conveyance a giveaway event with several prizes that are abundant larger and far additional engaging than something you’d have detected before – a MOBILE HOUSE. On prime of that, Ruby-x has conjointly ready more prizes and awards for the winners, together with a chance to become a Ruby fund-crypto manager. The rewards are going to be distributed to people who earn the foremost profit

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Ruby has its native token Ruby designated as RBY, which is currently based on the Ethereum (ERC standard) platform but following the main net launch scheduled for 2021, RBY will be the main net’s currency that will help define the decentralized ecosystem. Users can use RBY to pay fees and earn a discount depending on how many years of usage they possess from 50% in year 1 to 10% after 4 years. The other key currencies of the Ruby-x platform are BTC, ETH, and USDT. RBY also supports trading with BTC and ETH on coin-coin exchange markets.


RBY is easily exchangeable with other currencies and is priced at 0.5 only USD at the initial and only sale and will gradually increase over time. Of the total 2 billion coins, only 10% ie 200 million RBY are made available to the public. RBY is the key currency of the platform and can be used to pay all fees. The top 5000 holders of RBY are also guaranteed a share of the profits.

In Nov 2018, Ruby will release its mobile application on iOS, Android, and windows that will replace the existing tap and pay methods. It comes with a mobile widget that can be used to manage the wallet and complete superfast trading. It will also support NFC payment ie conversion of crypto to cash, global transactions, and mobile payment services.


Ruby is backed by Amazon AWS, COLDLAR, Tradingview, and Oracle and has managed to raise 10% of the total hard cap amount. It has partnered with key currencies like BTC, ETH, and tether.

Media partners include Cullen & Associates, IIFL, JIJI.com and StartHome.

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For More Details of Ruby Exchange:
Official Website: https://ruby-x.io
Token Sale: https://token.ruby-x.io/#
One-paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mGR3eqXfflaTN5bHl2eXQzXzVPVzYyZ1RJb2hRbnBUQlRB/view
LIGHTPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mGR3eqXfflcDY2VFJtaFRYSWZaTzZWMDhSMUhzLTNJQ2V3/view
Telegram: https://t.me/rubyexchangetoken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RubyExchange



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