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What is Prasaga

About Prasaga


They ( Prasaga ) began their blockchain quest to fix complex issues of data sharing between computers, and they discovered something that was evolving along the way—how to push trade between people to greater levels of speed, ease, and protection. 

They ( Prasaga ) would create a future driven by the DataGrid Blockchain. A world where the blockchain network helps us to re-imagine the world’s digital economy and boost everyone’s quality of living, not only now, but several decades down the line.

Blockchain Application Framework

DataGrid Blockchain


The DataGrid Blockchain (‘DGB’) is a modern “ground up” blockchain concept. It includes components of the following principles: 

  • Proof-of-work
  • Proof-of-stake
  • Parallel chain/sharding 
  • Byzantine fault tolerance
  • Verifiable random functions
  • Drawings
  • Open-source architecture
  • Open-source coding

Its architecture purpose is to allow safe low latency, high throughput transaction speeds, scalable with enhanced availability of resources. The DGB is built to be a general-purpose blockchain that facilitates cryptocurrencies and easy and complex business partnerships on a global level.

Depiction of Architecture

Their ( Prasaga ) Progress


During the last three years, they’ve been delivering guidance to industry-leading entrepreneurs and several of the world’s biggest solution providers, and they’ve been motivated by the significant ways in which DataGrid can boost blockchain technology. 

Imagine enabling blockchain to achieve its maximum potential, enhancing authentication and voting, financial institutions, and tackling the major problems in supply chain and logistics, automobile and aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, and organic products. It’s all possible on the DataGrid.

What type of coin is the DataGrid Token?


The DGB utilizes the DataGrid Token (‘DGT’) as its ‘native’ coin. The DGT is a mining coin that works in the same manner as the Ethereum coin. That is, transactions ingest DGT in the same manner as the “GAS” Ethereum. New DGT is produced as motivation incentives for mining block creation, comparable to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

DGT fiscal policy is a novel modern method to controlling the availability of coins (i.e. tokenomics) to boost the stability of DGT depending on economic activity, as contrasted to static algorithmic minting.

What is the Extensible Blockchain Object Model?


The Extensible Blockchain Object Model (‘XBOM’) uses the ‘first-tier’ object model to instantiate objects on the DGB, loading the class code. The XBOM then allows the code to be inherited by subtypes and the class entity instances to be instantiated. 

Because XBOM directly utilizes code currently loaded on the DGB, the probability of individual coding mistakes is dramatically decreased, growing the efficiency of business logic almost indefinitely. XBOM artifacts are directly stored in the account status of each owner.

Prasaga Community Connections


Prasaga has brought together a collective group of creators, miners, and token holders through all social channels and networks. 

They all have their favorite interactive hangouts, and they at Prasaga really want to make it simple to locate like-minded group members anywhere you are in the world (real or digital). 

Imagine what they could achieve when we all come together to create this common vision—whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or LinkedIn.

Explaining the Monetary Policy of the DataGrid Token


The monetary policy of the DGT employs an economy-driven strategy to control the production of coins. To do this, the monetary policy algorithm requires the opportunity to mint new coins by block development to maximize the availability of coins, as well as to indirectly burn coins as part of the processing node incentive scheme. 

The monetary policy algorithm adjusts such two possible values to raise or decrease the availability of coins throughout time. 

The monetary policy algorithm sets out the existing target of the production of coins and the pace of shift in the distribution of coins to step towards that goal based on economic parameters derived from the usage of the DGB.

Prasaga Team

Prasaga Funding Milestones

For More Details About Prasaga :


Website: https://www.prasaga.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrasagaOfficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prasagaofficial
Telegram Group: https://t.me/prasagaofficial
Whitepaper: https://www.prasaga.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DataGrid-Blockchain-Technical-WP.pdf

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