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The main issues in blockchain technology centers are high cost and low speed of transactions. As examples, we can say that transactions in Bitcoin and Etherium are very expensive and slow. GoNetworks come up with a resolution for this issue by offering off chain transactions.  Major concerns of GoNetwork’s are;

  • Massive potential – GoNetwork is designed for the trillion mobile economy and commerce market. Therefore users can transact in mass scale. Each user in the network is connected to each other through a series of individual connections.
  • Makes Ethereum Fast – The cost of the transaction will be significantly lower than running the transactions directly on Etherum because of off chain transactions and high frequency of tokens.
  • Infrastructure layer – Build the first network for Etherum ERC20tokens, that’s off the chain. This would be a fast, cheap and low latency infrastructure.
  • Making transactions cheap – solve this problem by allowing off chain transactions. GoNetwork users Stage channels to provide off chain transactions. A stage channel is a technique that allows for 2 people to start the transactions between each other within the network and allow for unlimited transactions between each other off the network

GoNetwork uses GO tokens as their official currency within the platform. GOT is a cryptocurrency that would be accepted and used by the games and applications in the platform.

GoNetwork is planning to allocate 100Mn of GOT tokens and would be allocated as follows.

  • 50% – will be an issue in ICO
  • 25% – for the team
  • 20% – Ecosystem incentives, marketing etc
  • 5% – advisors

Stil,l the ICO date is unknown, but you can join with whitelist by which company give priority in its upcoming ICO.

GoNetwork has been deploying a competent team and advisors. If we talk about the team we can’t ignore following personalities.

Rashid Khan – CEO

Rashid is a graduate form University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He was the founder of Infinity and currently working as the CEO for GoNetwork Ltd, Infinity, Dushquad.

Amit Shah – CTO

Amit was graduated from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is an expertise in software architect and blockchain. He has worked at several Ethereum based open source projects.

Xun Cai – COO

Xun was graduated in software engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is the co-founder and CTO of Infinidy Corporation. He led Infinity to become one of the first companies to join Communitech, Canada’s top digital media indicator.    

Other than that, Jesse Guild, Yifan Evan Zhu, Vincent Xie and Maanas Rautela work asBusiness development manager, financial advisor, Project manager and Legal officer respectively.

GoNetwork has employed a highly skilled team of advisors including Jeff Morris, Tess Hau, Nenone Donaldson, Ian Balina, David Debono, Laurent Bernadin and Paul Allamby.

With this competent team GoNetwork could be able to win the largest global Ethereum hackathon, for which 400 participants were participated from 32 countries.

Mass scaling and the speed ware the main issues faced by the existing blockchain technology users. GoNetwork has broken those issues by offering off chain solution for the users.

For more details visit their network. https://GoNetwork.co

Go Network ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2352537.msg23973678#msg23973678


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