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Large and small companies and offices are gradually shifting away from storing data in files and physically and towards a digital approach with data stored online via cloud services. This provides greater mobility, reduces operational costs and eliminates capital expenses for storage hardware. Costs associated with storage have dropped but the major issue that remains is security. Cloud services are an incomplete technology with security management techniques that can reduce risks but not mitigate them entirely.

The major threat faced by cloud is its centralized architecture and its dependence on trusted third-party cloud vendors who are susceptible to attack. Once attacked then all data is compromised. Five major threats to the cloud system are :

  1. External threats from remote hackers.
  2. Viral attacks from malicious programs and software.
  3. Operational failures and DDoS attacks.
  4. Internal threats from disgruntled employees.
  5. Surveillance intercepts and man in the middle attempts.

These can be solved with an elaborate combination of Cloud Access Security Brokers, Data Leak Prevention devices, Multi-factor Authentication, Firewalls and anti-virus programs, which can be an expensive affair.

Cryptyk proposes a solution that meets all the demands of the end user while providing more benefits than the existing cloud system. The Cryptyk platform is a decentralized data management architecture designed for secure and also scalable information storage, information management, file sharing and editing, individual access, e-mails, as well as information conformity.Cryptyk is a hybrid design that does not suffer from the latency issues present in blockchain based technology. Existing blockchain technologies are not suited for enterprise level usage and are limited to individual users. Cryptyk, on the other hand, has high latencies, reduced hacking possibilities for a variety of file types.

The Cryptyk ecosystem represents a simple, complete enterprise security and storage solution that protects a business, organization or enterprise against all five main cyber-security threats (or attack vectors) of migrating to the cloud. As a complete business safety and security and also storage solution in a solitary item bundle for business consumers, the CRYPTYK ecosystem can displace many standard cyber-security and also storage space innovations. Gradually customers of customers become members of the Cryptyk ecosystem.

The issue of security is handled at the fundamental data storage level with encryption written into the blockchain itself for protection. The ecosystem also incentivizes users for actions like ID verification, file upload and sharing and user access.


The hybrid Cryptyk platform for data security comprises of two complementary platforms, Vault and Sentry.


Vault is a decentralized multi-cloud storage platform for encrypted file sharing and management. It operates on the idea that attacks are inevitable and works to render the hacked data useless and prevent operation of malware and viruses.

Ach individual file is encrypted, then sliced into five portions with each portion encrypted again and stored on five different third-party cloud servers. Each file uses six encryption keys that are stored only on the user’s personal device and offline backup. This makes it immune to large-scale attacks on the cloud provider, file decentralization prevents malware and redundancy means the system is immune to DDoS attacks.


Sentry is a decentralized blockchain auditing platform used to monitor user-access and file sharing events and is a powerful tool to handle internal security threats and survey and intercept threats. It uses the blockchain to create a permanent report of all activity and incentives for users. Sentry offer encrypted chat and email facilities and key features like offline key backup, digital leak protection, and user quarantining. It offers user, group and enterprise level security and can be implemented in third-party applications.  

Advantages of Vault + Sentry

  1. Complete solution for all security requirements
  2. Highly effective against all attacks
  3. Cost efficient
  4. Low latency

CTK or Crypt Token is used for all economic activity on the platform. CTK is used for user verification, file security and security auditing functions. It is also used to incentivize users to become regular users of the ecosystem. CTK can be used for product development and revenue generation with its growth expected to rise gradually every year.

In essence, Cryptyk Tokens powers a whole cyber-security community and incentivizes participation from an area of business clients, small-medium service customers, individual customers, software application growth partners, crypto-currency miners, and investors. This ecosystem and its members work together to provide data security solutions with the help of the blockchain.

Cryptyk Team

The Cryptyk team is led by CEO and Chairman – Adam Weigold Ph.D., a 20 year veteran of the industry and a technologist. Other core members of the Cryptyk team are Raghu Kota – CTO, Robert Garaguso – COO and Indra Singhal – COO and Director.

The best minds in the industry assist or have invested in Cryptyk like Bradley Rotter – Cyber Evangelist, Ian Scarffe – Blockchain and Crypto expert and Robert Bender – Fintech specialist.

Partners and Recognition

Cryptyk has partnered with industry giants like IBM, Founders, Ambisafe and Hyperfield.

Cryptyk has also been awarded first place at the Australian Cyber challenge and the CryptoAsia summit and been rated with consistently high scores by science magazines and industry reviewers.

Cryptyk ICO Ratings

For More Details of Cryptyk ICO:
Website :https://www.cryptyk.io
Whitepaper: https://www.cryptyk.io/files/Cryptyk-Business-White-Paper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptyk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamCryptyk
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptyk



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