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Wegold Review

Changes happening in human lifestyle have highly affected the faster growth of tourism. Digital technological improvements have open worldwide information for everyone. It has widely affected the preferences of the travelers. Nowadays travelers are shifting to outbound tourism from inbound tourism.  Records prove that among all the other regions, South-east Asia is the fasters growing outbound tourism region. Wegold has identified this opportunity in advance and has developed a social travel platform to cater growing aspirational travel market. Accordingly, Wegold is the world’s first travel blockchain designed to fuel Asia’s booming aspirational travel ecosystem. This platform will address the issues related with local travel providers. Some of them are as follows.

  • The big boy rule

Big boy rule means that the big players operating in the Industry try to maximize their profit instead of creating a value for the customer. Because of that, customers wouldn’t be able to get the best experience.

  • Multi-Marginalization

Small local travel providers are much effective in providing a unique experience to the tourists. But they are subject to unfair terms of big players. It restricts the ability to provide the real expectation of the traveler.

Wegold ecosystem is empowered by the trust of WEGOGOers, Pathfinders and Travel ASPs.

WEGOGO Fair-share-Ecosystem

  • WEGOGOers are the travelers and the users of the platform
  • PathFinders are the travelers who passionate about discovering activities, sharing and verifying their traveling experiences with others.
  • Travel aspirational service providers are the heart of the platform. These service providers are unique and enthusiastic to offer a unique experience to the travelers.

Wegold platform has been able to distinguish itself from other platforms on following features.

  1. The uniqueness of native tokens.

WeGold tokens (WGD) are the native currency of this platform. Not like the other cryptocurrencies, WGD is not just a way of payment. These tokens are used to reward the participants. Each participant can be rewarded in different ways. Some of them are as follows.

  • PathFinders

The platform has enabled the facilities to upload and share. They would be rewarded for sharing the experiences and important travel information.

  • Travel ASPs

The uniqueness of the service is the core competency of the platform. So the ASPs’ who provide a differentiated service would be rewarded for their performance.

  • Wegogoers would be able to get rewarded by promoting the platform among the friends.


  1. Pay or be paid

Wegold enables the use of digital currency within the platform. Users can use Wegold to pay for service users and to be paid for service provided.

  1. Build confidence and trust through the blockchain

Wegold utilizes blockchain technology to provide a transparent trustworthy ecosystem. Information is captured and stored in public ledger and accessible to each participant.

  1. Share in the creation of new sustainable tourism

This platform will eventually incorporate a micro-financing feature to help the local economic development. At the end, it will motivate people in tourism-related innovations.

10 Trillion WGD tokens will be distributed among the participants as follows.

  • 34% will be distributed through token sales
  • 20% will be distributed among the team members
  • 28% will be distributed for ecosystem developments
  • Remaining 18% will be reserved for future sales.

WeGold team

Wong Toon King is the chairman of this platform and Wegold has deployed a highly competent team on this project. The team expects to release the fully decentralized platform by 2020.  

WeGold Roadmap

For More Details of WeGold ICO:
Official Website: https://wegold.io
Whitepaper: https://wegold.io/Resources/Files/Whitepaper%20-%20English.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/wegoldbywegogo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeGoldToken
Medium: https://medium.com/@WeGoldToken


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