Real Review About SRCoin and SRCoin Advantages over to Other ICO’s

SRCoin-reviewSRCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized health information platform which provides useful health information to patients, medical institutions, researchers or any party who needs that information.

SRCoin start with the massage chair business concept. SRcoin acquires and distributes massage chairs through their rental subscription business. Those massage chairs act as a shared device which collects personal health information of each individual who uses the chair. This platform connects the collected data into the decentralized network. Then platform converts collected information into a bundle of time series data and archive in the database.

Subscription business is one of the highest value business models. Some of the well-known companies such as Netflix, Apple music uses subscription business model. A subscription business is a “payment structure that allows a customer to purchase or subscribe to services for a specific time period at a set price.

Subscription business is a risk-averse business model which has no significant fluctuations in cash inflow. The customer pays the subscription before using the service. Other than that this kind of business module offers other advantages as well.

  1. Higher Margin

In these kinds of businesses, variable cost is very low and the customer pays by small installment. Because of low financial burden, the customer will get the service for long term.

  1. Business Consistency

Sales can be predicted in advance and this concept is an attractive one as low burden to the customer. This will lead to higher profit. Based on the service quality, the customer will become a loyal customer.

  1. Company Value

Because of the sustainable income, low variable cost and loyal customer base business would create a high value, higher assets base and will ensure the survival and growth.

Advantages of using massage chairs as a source of information

  • It’s a shared device which is connected to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Possess the ability to collect personal health information automatically.
  • Already designed for collect various kind of health information such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.
  • The database gets updated on each usage.
  • Very effective source of information which can be used as a source of information for early-stage diagnosis.
  • Users can easily access the information via mobile apps or email.
  • At the time of the agreement, customer gets the opportunity to decide his consent on which information to be collected and used in the platform.
  • Customers would be able to monitor their own health closely. It will significantly reduce the personal healthcare expenses and increases the efficiency of healthiness.
  • Through more effective adult preventive care, government spending can be decreased significantly.
  • Medical institutions will be able to improve their business and accessibility through the use of the health database.

    • Database keeps the following information

      • Time series heart rate data
      • Time series blood pressure data
      • Time series sleep analysis data
      • Time series relaxation data
      • Body mass index change data
      • Body fat percentage change data
      • Elevated heat rate notification
      • Before and after usage of massage chair data for heart rate
      • Before and after usage of massage chair data for blood pressure

  • Health-related researchers get the opportunity to cut down the spending on locating needed patients and information

Subscription businesses are very famous in Singapore and Malaysia. It has already been captured US $6.8 billion market. Because of that SRCoin has focused their business in those two countries.

They have introduced their own currency system name as “SRCOIN” which are to be used in platform transactions. SRCoins are backed by real assets. Because of that stability, the value of SRCoins gets protected.

SRCoin is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum Blockchain and will be distributed as a cryptocurrency through crowd safe.

No of available coins: 10.5 Billion

SRCoin Price

1st Pre ICO: 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoin + Bonus 100,000 SRCoin (Closed on 31st January 2018)

2nd Pre ICO: 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoin + Bonus 50,000 SRCoin (From 1st February 2018 to 28th February 2018 (UTC))

Main ICO: 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoin (1st March 2018 to 31st March 2018 (UTC))

Payment 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoin


  • Participants – 70%
  • Founding team – 15%
  • Advisors and early contributors – 10%
  • Sales team – 5%

ICO Fund Utilization

  • Asset investments and app development 70%
  • Health data platform development 20%
  • Project operations 10%

They have introduced their own currency system name as “SRCOIN” which are to be used in platform transactions. SRCoins are backed by real assets. Because of that stability, the value of SRCoins gets protected.

SRCoin’s 2nd pre-ICO is opened from 1st February 2018 and the crowdsale would be started on 1st March 2018. Expect to distribute 10.5 Billion coins through ICOs. The fund rose through the ICO and crowdsale will be invested in the business.  30% of the business profit for next six years will be used to implement SRCoin buyback policy, by which the holders get the opportunity to sell the tokens back to the company.

SRCoin management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication, and healthcare.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details

SRCoin accompanies lots of advantages for its users. I have illustrated few of them below.

  1. The value of SRCoins is supported by underline assets

Any viable currency such as USD or Euro has 3 important characteristics. It is the method of exchange, measurable and value stability. Any of the Cryptocurrency must have the same 3 characteristics to become an attractive currency. Even though existing Cryptocurrencies accompany first two out of the three most of them are not stable in value.

The main reason to instability in Cryptocurrencies is that they are not backed by underline assets. Because of that users find it’s difficult to place any real value on Crypto and fluctuations are simply affected by that uncertainty. Crypto should capable of proving its ability to maintain the purchasing power.   

As a solution to this problem inherent in Cryptocurrencies, platform has introduced SRCoin, which is backed by real assets. It is backed by accounts receivable from subscription contracts.

Accordingly, SRCoin holders are protected against the danger of lacking stability in value.

  1. ICO subscribers don’t have any risk of discontinuing business

Upon the success of ICO, the fund collected will be invested in “K Rental”, an already established business which is engaging in massage chair subscription business.

  1. Through the buyback policy company expects to keep the value at a stable level. The policy will be continued for 6 years and during this period the SRCoin holders would be able to earn profits. Thirty percent of the total profit earns through massage chair subscription business will be occupied to repurchase SRCoins from the cryptocurrency market and would be burned to decrease the supply of SRCoins. This will lead to increase the value again.
  2. The company expects to redistribute Twenty percent of the profit generated through the massage chair business among the ICO contributors in the form of Ethereum currency.  Because of that contributors will be able to earn significant Ethereum value without a reduction in ownership.

The team expects to bring SRCoins up to a level which can be used in the real world transactions. If they succeeded people would be able to take lots of uses by using these coins.

  1. SRCoin will support health data platform to hospitals, sports centers, pharmaceutical companies and government. They can pay their fee for data usage with SRCoins or Cash.
  2. SRCoin holders will be able to purchase any item such as water purifiers, massage chairs and other appliances from K rental using SRCoins.
  3. The existing 14,000 subscribers and new subscribers would get the opportunity to pay their subscription fees with SRCoins.
  4. K rental employees would get paid a compensation of value equivalent to their salaries by way of SRCoins.
  5. If successfully executed, SRCoins will have a high possibility of becoming a method of payment for related industries of K Rental.   

SRCoin management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication, and healthcare.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Dr. Jae M Yoo – Leader of Health Database

Jae works as a medical doctor at North of Atlanta plain Clinic USA. He has learned Physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, pain medicine and Electrodiagnostic medicine. He possesses following academic qualifications and work experiences.

Academic qualifications

  • Diploma in American board of Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Certificate in Neuromuscular medicine, pain medicine, and sports medicine
  • Diploma of American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • Diploma of American Board of pain medicine

Work experience

Catholic medical college, Department of Neurology

Albert Einstein College of medicine, department of physical medicine and rehabilitation

Medical College of Georgia, Department of Anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, subdivision of pain medicine

Medical doctor at Avera St. Luke’s hospital, department of physical medicine rehabilitation

Virginia tech medical college, Carilion clinic, department of pain medicine

Dr. Shawn Kim – Advisor of Health Database

He is the president of GA internal medicine and has been graduated from Seoul National University. He has following academic qualifications.

Academic Qualifications

Graduated from Seoul national university, South Korea

Graduated from Wayne state university school of medicine, Detroit, MI

Diploma of American board of medicine

Dr. YD Kim – Advisor of Health Database

He works as the president of the Corner pharmacy and has been graduated from Nova Southern University. His other academic and professional qualifications are;

Doctor of pharmacy USA

Chung-Ang University College of Pharmacy, USA

Registered pharmacist in GA, FL

Shawn S. Kim – Legal Advisor

Shawn is an attorney at law of USA and studied law at Vanderbilt University law school. He is a member of the State Bar of New York and Georgia.

Stephen J. Wasley – Legal Advisor

Stephen completed his education at John Marshall Law School and Copen Hagen University Law School. He is an attorney at law of USA and act as the president of Stephen W. Pc

Micheal K. Lee – Accounting Advisor

Michael is a USA licensed CPA and he worked for Samsung Electronics. He is the president of Michael K. Lee CPA & Company. He completed his first degree at Sogang University and Masters Degree at Georgia State University.

Andrew S. Lee – Audit Advisor

He is the USA licensed Chartered Professional Accountant and was working for Korea exchange bank. He is the head of SH tax and financial LLC. He completed his first degree at Yon Sei University and Masters Degree at Georgia State University.

Not only the platform staff but also the K rental staff perform a significant role to bring the platform to the expected level.

Kyle K. Lee – Owner K rental network

Kyle is a certified public accountant in the USA and he worked for Seonjin Accounting Co., Fine Management Accounting Co., and CRC Analysis.

Logan Seo – CTO

Logan is an expert in software engineering and was graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been in the software engineering industry since 2010.

Wah Yung Yew – COO

Wah is a Business administration graduate of University of Tunku Abdul Rahman. He possesses Ten years of experience in Malaysia rental industry.

Muhammad Danial Dinie Bin Noor Zamri is the Accounting manager of K rental network. He obtained his Master’s Degree from University of Technology Mara Shah Alam GSU.

The teamwork with the object of “Making the world a healthier place”. To accomplish that target they have planned their short-term plans as follows.

  • Crowdsale would be started on 1st March 2018 and would be closed on 31st March 2018. Expect to distribute 10.5 Billion coins through ICOs
  • April 2018 – Register SRCoin with the exchange. Team expect to register SRCoins in Singapore stock exchange
  • 1st April 2018 – Product order to COMTEK
  • June 2018 – Launching Massage chair distribution
  • September 2018 – launching buyback and burn program
  • September 2018 – 1st ETH distribution
  • October 2018 – launching SR health app
  • December 2018 – 2nd Buyback and burn
  • December 2018 – 2nd ETH distribution

For More Information About SRCoin Token Sale: SRCoin Official Website

SRCOIN telegram group 

SRCOIN official Twitter

SRCOIN Facebook

Read SRCoin Whitepaper: Click Here

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