What is Skychain | Advantages of SkyChain AI Healthcare Platfom

What is Skychain

How artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in the healthcare industry. Mr. Gennady Popov has developed the answer for that. “SKYCHAIN”. Skychain is the Blockchain based artificial intelligence healthcare platform which is designed to diagnose patients accurately and to prescribe treatments effectively. The mission of Skychain is to save ten million patients from premature death due to medical errors, within next ten years. SkyChain provides an infrastructure to increase the efficiency of the healthcare industry. Mainly four parties are involving in this platform. They are Creators of neural networks, Medical data providers, Infrastructure providers and consumers of neural networks. Users can experience the following advantages by using the network.

  • Uploading any ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) trained by laboratories or specialists to SkyChain and receiving payment from end users of ANNs.
  • It’s a data marketplace as service for deep learning, where medical data suppliers will be able to offer their datasets as a service for ANNs training.
  • Effective use of minors’ computing resources to ensure smooth operation of a neural network.
  • Public pay-per-use access to the neural network capabilities.
  • Open distributed storage of all ANNs within SkyChain and their settings, stored in a distributed chain of blocks according to the Blockchain principles.
  • Constant learning of a neural network upon adding new information and experience.

The main feature of skyEngine is the large stake of ANNs that are capable of performing specific tasks for diagnosing symptoms, analyzing medical images, differentiating symptoms etc. Any specialist in a particular decease, a medical institute with a lot of case histories, scientific laboratories will be able to create their own neural network and upload it to Skychain. SkyEngine will facilitate the professionals to design their own ANNs, train them on real data using Skychain computing resources. Those ANNs then cab be uploaded to SkyChain. ANN creators will be rewarded for each use of their ANNs by a doctor. Skychain takes the responsibility of protecting author’s rights of each ANN.

Skychain uses there tokens backed by Ethereum, as their official currency within the platform. They expect to distribute a total of 36 Million tokens. Out of that 30 Million will be available in pre-ICO and main-ICO. Remaining will be allocated to the team and other parties equally. The main sale is now open and will be kept open until 31st March 2018.  

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, healthcare, and marketing. Following is a brief explanation of the founder. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Gennady Popov – Founder

Gennady is an expert in programming and possesses more than ten years of experience as a programmer. He is the founder of and CEO of WSS consultants, the market leader in the automation of electronic document management in Russia.

SkyChain teams’ expectation is to expand their platform globally. They have lined up few of the milestones as follows.

June 2018

  • Launching platform Alpha version

December 2018

  • Launching platform Beta version

June 2019

  • Releasing the platform


For More Information About SkyChain: Official Website

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SkyChain-official Twitter


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