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Every human being strives to have a pal with their associates. It has been very much facilitated by this enormous development of social media along with the internet.

In present society, Social Media can be used in the following ways,

  • as a news portal
  • as a media data repository
  • as a virtual passport

Not only that, it can be used as an inquiry tool in circumstances where it is necessary as well. In such an era the behavior, habits, preferences, wishes, and expectations of human beings’ are significantly changed.  It has resulted in information search, file storage, image editing, the ability to blog in a social network, geosocial service etc….

Though the existing social networks try to bridge this gap, they have come up with a different weakness like extra functionality and options, elimination of which can compromise the social platform pattern etc… Further, they do not pay enough attention to the user’s personal identity. As a result of that, the fake accounts have been created.

By addressing all these current problems (social requirement and the issues of the existing social networks) InRating has been introduced.

InRating has been distinguished themselves due to following features.


  • Real users – It is implemented the function of user’s faces during the registration. It minimizes the no of fake accounts and bots.


  • It assists to communicate with people of different nationalities without language barriers – It is facilitated by the unique built-in functionality for translating messages in a chat into 100 languages, translation of voice messages into 44 languages and VoIP translation into 44 languages in real time.


  • True (organic), rather than “driven up” popularity rating of the users – since it is developed in the mathematical model of the rating coefficient calculation and integration of the blockchain technology.  


  • Possibility to monetize the account, both personal and commercial – bonuses for top ranking positions


  • Possibility to create own competitions and events using online voting technology (E-Voting)


  • It has its own INCoin for payments in InRating network with an integrated payment unit and a variety of payment system.


  • It has its own wallet for each blockchain technology users.


  • InRating can be used as a platform for promoting and advertising brands, sales of goods and services.


  • It advises on partner’s gaming and entertainment subprojects


  • It can be organized own off-line parties, branded fashion –parties and music and sports festivals by using the InRating network.

Inrating App
This InRating has been developed based on the following basic trend of social media development and current market openings.

  1. Increase in the popularity of visual contexts
  2. The popularity of geosocial services
  3. Search engines and social networks interaction
  4. Increasing the role of social networks in the recruitment process

During the year of 2018 InRating is expected to initiate the followings.

  • Starting integration of auto-translation of messages into 100 languages.
  • Beta version release of auto-translation of voice messages in 40 languages.
  • Creating a smart contract.
  • Brand clothing collection release.
  • The release of the beta version of Android and iSO application.
  • InStory function release.
  •  Bata version release of an automatic translation of telephony and video calls into 44 languages.
  • Starting the first stage of a marketing campaign.
  • Blockchain InRating Beta release – rating function.
  • Blockchain user’s wallet release.
  • Starting a marketing campaign “1 million INTokens – 1million users”.
  • Implementing face recognizing feature.
  • The release of beta- version of blockchain- online voting contests
  • InToken holders start receiving Bonus Points
  • The first InRating Party

At the end of 2018, it is expected to attract 500,000 users. Further, in 2019 before the first brand musical festival It is expected to reach the milestone of 750 000 users. Then after the first branded musical festival, it is planned to reach the milestone of 1 000 000 users.

The total no of INTokens is divided into 32 000 000 tokens. The exchange rate is $ 1=1INToken (INT). The distribution of INT will be based on the ERC-20 protocol.

The INT is distributed as follows.

  • Sales on pre-ICO- 50%
  • InRating founders – 42%
  • InRating team reward- 5%
  • Bounty program – 3%

Followings are the details of first-round ICO and the second round ICO.

Description First round of ICO Second round of ICO
ICO will be held during autumn 2018 during Winter 2018-2019
Maximum emission amount 4 000 000 INT 11 000 000 INT
Bulk token rate 0.7 USD=1.0INT 0.8USD=1.0INT
Stage discount 30% of the nominal value of 20% of the nominal value
Minimum placing amount 0.2 ETH 0.2 ETH

The backbone of the InRating was comprised a high caliber members. All together there are seventeen bones. They are experts in different fields such as Marketing, Finance, technology, Customer Relationships etc…

InRating Team

Inrating Partners

For More Details About InRating ICO:
WEBSITE: http://ico.inrating.top/en/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/InRating_ICO_chat_ENG
WHITEPAPER: http://ico.inrating.top/docs/WP_EN.pdf
ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4328167.0
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/inrating.top/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/InratingTop
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/inrating.top
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@inrating.dev
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/InRating


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