What is SEToken | Advantages of SEToken Data Storage and SEToken ICO

What is SEToken

What is SEToken ? Personal identifier data is a very important part of personal and work life. It may be your username, password, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and anything which you use to verify your identity online. Have you ever thought of losing such information? What will happen then?  Thieves might establish unauthorized access to your personal accounts easily and rob your secrets and sensitive information.

Even though there are several platforms which have addressed this issue, they haven’t been able to develop a comprehensive solution. That’s why SEToken comes into the action.

SEToken is Blockchain based personal identifier data storage. The blockchain is the most secure technology to ensure privacy and trust. So, this platform has been established to store personal digital identity information in secure and decentralized manner. It stores user’s personal identifier data and digital identity data on the Blockchain, encrypted in the form of the digital lockbox.  SEToken grant user, the ability to control their personal information and allow to make limits on sharing such information while transacting in the digital world. SEToken has differentiated themselves with others by adding following features.

  • Access to private Key and biometrical data
  • Unique authentication model
  • Professional ecosystem
  • Manage user’s digital identity
  • Instant access
  • Token-based payment system
  • The platform works with smart contracts to manage data

SEToken uses SETOKEN (SET) backed by Ethereum network, as their official currency within the platform.  It’s compatible with third-party service tokens. The token pre-sale first round would be started on 26th March 2018 and it will be kept open until 25th of May 2018. The second round would be started on 18th July 2018 and would be closed on 30th July 2018. The main token sale is planned to be opened on 10th September. They expect to issue 500 Million tokens among the platform participants as follows.

  • 57% will be available in the token main sale
  • 12% will be allocated to the project team
  • 7% will be allocated among the partners
  • 13% will be available in token pre-sale

10% will be reserved in bonus fund while allocating 1% through bounty programs

The team comprises with highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication. Their website doesn’t provide much information about the team. Following is a small explanation of the duties of few team members.

  • Terrance Perrot – CEO & Lead Blockchain

Terrance is the creative head of this platform and he is the founder of Social environment technology.

  • Francis Frye – CTO & Developer

He works as the co-developer in the platform. He has dedicated to developing mobile App.

  • Zheng Liao – Blockchain developer

Zheng is the brain of SEToken. He was involved in developing all the theoretical implementations of the platform.

  • Gabriele Zdenka works as the community account manager.

SEtoken concept was born in 2017 and they have started the development from 2018 February. Currently, the team is working to achieve following goals.

Quarter 2,2018

  • Launching token sale round 2

Quarter 3,2018

  • Launching main token sale
  • Launching complete platform

Quarter 4,2018

  • Launching mobile App

For More Information About SEToken-Platform: Official Website


SEToken-official Twitter


Read SETokenProjectWhitepaper: Click Here


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