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Boldman Capital Review

Cryptocurrency is the latest trend of the new millennium. With its rising popularity each day, it is visible to even laymen that the sector is a suitable prospect for further investment and is capable of producing large and significant profits for invested users. Moreover, it is possible to introduce an entertaining interface to even the most mundane of tasks which makes working more fun and also improves the chances of growing the user community.

The number of currencies available today is numerous. They pose an attractive option to large and small-scale investors alike because of the numerous possibilities that they can be used to avail. Cross-border transactions are easier with them due to the principle of decentralization applied to them through the use of the blockchain technology. Most currency administrators have an impressive bounty and reward scheme for loyal users. Data is secured to the highest level of encryption possible yet is easily traceable, which is a boon for regulatory organizations or governments in case of conflict.

Like all other available technology, cryptocurrency also faces its own shortcomings. Most exchanges impose a threshold value for transactions beyond which only transactions are possible. This acts as a deterrent towards small-scale investors or rookies who are attempting to ‘learn the tricks of the trade’. It is this main issue that Boldman Capital seeks to solve.


Most conventional markets show a tendency for privileged individuals or firms with large amounts of funds available to make massive profits while the smaller players often struggle to break even. On the contrary, a new generation investment model seen in cryptocurrencies shows no difference between high or low capital. Since the time taken for profits to be acquired are larger, and investment costs increase proportionately it is often a huge risk to invest. This risk can possibly cause losses on a very large scale. Boldman Capital aims to allow investors the opportunity to invest their capital in programs that are high on potential and reward with lower risks without discriminating between them on the basis of available capital. This gives users more time for other activities be it family, hobbies or work.   

Boldman Capital Features


The Boldman Capital platform has its own native token that it uses for transactions. Since the platform is built on the Ethereum ER20 standard, these tokens also called BOLD tokens can be purchased using Ethereum tokens through the Boldman Capital exchanges. At present, the exchange rate is 150000 BOLD to 1 ETH.

BOLD tokens are the real share of Boldman Capital and are an opportunity for people to invest in the world’s first decentralized investment fund.

Purchasing BOLD tokens are attractive to prospective users for a number of reasons. Most important of these is the absence of any minimum or maximum cutoffs for investment, promoting inclusivity and building a large user base. Second, membership in the Boldman Capital investment fund is permanent or for life. Third, Investors receive monthly dividends from investments carried out using the accumulated funds which are attractive to all users. These dividends are distributed as ETH to each user at the end of the month proportional to his or her investment. Fourth, Users receive profits from investments made by Boldman Capital that are promising and highly rewarding. Through the use of the ERC20 standard, it is easier to obtain the BOLD tokens.

Why people should invest

Boldman Capital is arguably on the most profitable cryptocurrency based investment ventures available today. A strong argument can be made in favor if investing that can be supported by features the platform possesses that make it a viable investment like,

  • Community – Boldman Capital today has an active user community of around 10000 members from across the globe and is still growing. This community of like-minded individuals was formed through the blockchain revolution and aim to collaborate in order to improve the available investment industry.
  • Monthly Profit Distribution – BOLD tokens are the equivalent of shares in Boldman Capital. Possessing BOLD tokens in one’s crypto wallet entitles the shareholder, to monthly profits distributed in ETH.
  • Largest Sector – The investment sector is one of the largest, richest and most popular business opportunities available. In the USA alone there are an approximate 9511 mutual funds managing about 16.34 Trillion Dollars while in Switzerland there are 8952 worth 1.87  Trillion Euro.
  • Decentralization – Boldman Capital is the world’s first decentralized investment fund. Users are guaranteed of anonymity while trading and the assurance that their tokens cannot be stolen, modified or exploited.

Other Features

  • Smart contract – The platform is built on the blockchain technology using the ERC 20 standard. Subsequently, smart contracts are deployed on the Ethereum protocol to create the BOLD tokens. These smart contracts are also used to implement decentralization and immutability on the Ethereum network.
  • Soft Cap – Boldman uses the coins invested by its users to invest in rewarding and high potential funds and then distributed 90% of the profit, even during the ICO phase. This effectively means that there is no Soft Cap.
  • Hard Cap – Boldman Capital believe that their stable growth patterns and significant income returns are the reason for customer satisfaction and growing investment. As a result, the Hard Cap maintained is 5890 ETH.
  • Supply – The Boldman Capital crowdsale contract was designed and developed in such a way that it mints tokens for every new investor with a threshold supply of 1,000,000,000 BOLD tokens.
  • Bonuses – Like in most crypto programmes customer loyalty is ensure through a well-planned system of rewards. The underlying smart contract is used to provide extra tokens on new purchases which in turn attracts new investors. The current extra token bonus rate is %50.
  • ICO Sale – The ICO planned by Boldman Capital is between 19th July and 31st October of 2018 but will end earlier if the Hard Cap is attained.
  • App – Boldman Capital have also in the process of developing their own application for Android and iOS that will allow users to track their investments and access wallets from their smartphones.    


In its attempt to gain popularity as an alternative means of investment with greater returns and lower risks, Boldman Capital has partnered with numerous popular entities like coinzilla, ccloudflare, slack, Gleam, shutterstock and DigitalOcean and is also listed on popular exchanges like Binance and OKEX.

Roadmap & Expected Timeframe

  1. 19 June 2018: Token Sale has begun and smart contract deployed to mint BOLD tokens that can be purchased until 31st October 2018.
  2. 1 August 2018: Token Holders receive dividends from investments as ETH to their wallets each month, the first of which is deposited on 1 Aug 2018.
  3. Q4 2018: Mobile application of users to access wallet (BOLD &ETH ) and track investment and profits will be deployed.
  4. Q1 2019: BOLD Tokens will be listed on popular exchanges with funds allocated to spend for it in high volume exchanges like Binance and OKEX.

Boldman Capital Partners


For More Details of Boldman Capital:
Official Website: https://boldman.capital
Whitepaper: https://boldman.capital/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/BoldmanCapital
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boldmancapital
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoldmanCapital
Medium: https://medium.com/@boldmancapital


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