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DAV is a decentralized, communication protocol that connects self-driving vehicle providers, users and infrastructure supporters. DAV tries to integrate all these parties into one platform. This is the beginning of cryptocurrency and blockchain based new era in global transportation. DAV has been built on Ethereum blockchain.

DAV is a framework of open source software, open source hardware and a free decentralized marketplace where anyone can buy and sell autonomous transportation services using the DAV tokens. They allow the use of smart contract between the parties. The smart contracts enable multi-party contracts between buyers, sellers, arbitrators, insurers and any other party as needed.

DAV offers the following direct advantages for its users.

  • Keep mass scale, trustworthy historical data on autonomous vehicles, service providers, users and any other relevant party.
  • A completely decentralized system. Therefore no government or company intervention. But operating within the legal framework.
  • A global payment standard between vehicles and their supporting infrastructure.
  • A built – in smart mission contract, which enables better cooperation between multiple vehicles and service providers.  
  • “On-blockchain” communication OR “Off-blockchain” communication,
  • Offers three tools for dealing with counterparty risks;

    • A public transaction history
    • Third party arbitrator
    • Third party insurer

DAV token issue would be started on 14th March 2018 and would be closed on 13th April 2018.

DAV has been deploying a competent team and advisors. If we talk about the team we can’t ignore following personalities.


dav team 2

Neom Copel – CEO

He is a senior executive, strategist, and investor with a strong expertise in the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and encryption. In 2003 he created the world’s first smartphone encryption system which was distributed over 50 countries.

Tal Ater – CTO

He is a developer and an entrepreneur for over 20 years, a published O’Reilly author and a coder since the age of eight.  

Joe Lopardo – CMO

He is a marketer an Entrepreneur for over ten years across a multitude of industries. He joined in developing the brands for Google, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP. Opened and led the San Francisco office and was a partner at Tricent Capital. He was an outdoor and adventure enthusiast.

Other than that DAV has deployed a well qualified young team of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, infrastructure and marketing advisors.


The concept of DAV was born in 2017.

They are working with following plans

  • They introduced world’s first autonomous vehicle to autonomously bid for delivery services, complete them and get paid using cryptocurrency directly to its own wallet.
  • World’s first autonomous vehicle to pay its own battery replacement using cryptocurrency and take off to complete its delivery mission.
  • World’s first autonomous vehicle to pay another autonomous vehicle using cryptocurrency for completing the last mile of the delivery mission.
  • Longest drone delivery flight ever, flying cross-country using the support of multiple DAV battery-changing station along the way.
  • Add support for robotic vehicles, cars, and marine vessels.  

DAV has establishes a very strong partnership with Bancor, AUVSI, Copter Express, AmaZix, H3Dynamics, Husarion, Advanced Aircraft Company, BlockchainIL to achieve milestones.

DAV Tokens will be traded on a number of exchanges and supported by several cryptocurrency wallets,allowing you to easily exchange DAV Tokens for other currencies like US Dollars, Bitcoin, and Ether.

DAV Crowd Sale will be Coming Soon: More Details About DAV

Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf

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