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The new SpringRole digital media appears with its completely decentralized new system to dethrone all social networks and storage platforms for professional profiles. Thus, this page forms its ecosystem based on millions of users throughout the network, who need a reliable and truthful medium where it is possible to publish and have access (in the case of employers) to their work profile and that of all the members of the ecosystem. It is in this way that within SpringRole it will be possible to publish the labor and educational information and even the skills that we have to make our job search easier within the modern labor markets that require us to have the famous “curriculum” on the Internet.

SpringRole guarantees confidence and certainty of the information that is published, something that no other page of its kind can offer, since it supports the labor data, making arrangements so that the same companies or companies with which you have worked certify your experience and time of performance with them. Once this is done, the SpringRole system saves the information within its blockchain-based platform to always maintain a backup of it that is easy to access and can not be altered by third parties.

In the same way, the same actions will be applied to our education data and our skills. In the first, universities and educational institutions will attest to the data provided, even help to grow the ecosystem by providing important information such as qualifications, publications made by the user and levels of specialization. They will also provide this other type of informal educational institutions, such as language academies or alternative education centers. Finally, within SpringRole all the skills that we say possess will be qualified based on the opinions that the ecosystem makes about them,

SpringRole Platform


The scope of the SpringRole platform includes the possibility of importing previously made profiles into other pages or creating them from scratch with the help of a user-friendly interface that will make easier the interactions of SpringRole members with their platform. Likewise, universities and other institutions can endorse the profile information (as mentioned) by using the platform’s blockchain, creating a verification that is totally unique in its type and with the highest security standards. The members of this space will be able to give their opinion about the skills of other users through a digital contract in which both parties will accept equally the qualifications made, due to this a unique and interesting interaction is created.

In the next few years you can see an unprecedented boost from SpringRole as a platform, considering that only in November of last year (2017) was just taking its first steps, each goal fulfilled within the calendar of this year has been as if SpringRole took steps gigantically and that he does not have great illusions about his uncertain future. The leading team of this platform has proposed a roadmap that ends by December 2018, which shows that they have their feet on the ground and are dedicated to meet goals already established within the deadlines, such as enabling all the possibilities offered for the creation of profiles as of this month of May.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important tools of the SpringRole system is its token because it is not only a virtual artifact that allows transactions to be made. With it, we can do many other tasks and the best part is that our profile as a user will be much more complete and useful thanks to all the advantages offered by this token.

The first thing you need to know is that the SpringRole token is fully compatible with ERC-20, which means that each of the operations we perform will be much safer, more stable and more efficient. Due to the importance of the token, each and every one of the tasks that we execute within the ecosystem will be directly related to it.


There are many activities in which the token will be involved. One of them is that when a beneficiary of the network manages to win within the platform, it will be able to pay part of their earnings through the SPRING tokens. without any kind of problem, which will allow the user to relate in a better way with the matrix. Likewise, at the time we refer another person or company to the SpringRole platform, we can receive a large number of rewards in tokens, which are better known as reference bonuses. Another very important factor is that the SpringRole token will serve to support our domain as a user because it will make it possible for us to truly enjoy each and every one of the novelties that this competitive system brings with it.

Another detail that is worth mentioning is that in case a university or a company certifies a claim that has been issued by a user, it will automatically win SPRING tokens at the moment in which the validation of the beneficiary’s profile is requested. The premium utilities are also another reason why the token is unique in its style because this will open the doors to everything that SpringRole has for each one of us.

The beneficiaries are the main objective of SpringRole because the platform seeks to insert them successfully into the competitive labor market. For this, they will help US companies to hire all the competent offshore developers that reside in India, but this is not all. The matrix will allow developers to build a much more complete profile through the help provided by the system, this is how you can count on a job position based in the United States.

The prices are also another very important factor, and that is that all the companies that come from the United States will be able to hire a group of carefully selected developers for a much lower cost, without losing anything of quality in the results of the work they carry out, on the contrary, they will be acquiring a highly trained staff to perform all kinds of tasks competently.

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