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What is Quarkchain

Blockchain technology is the rapidly growing technology in the current technology revolution. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the main representatives of Blockchain technology. Though it grows rapidly, users still experience several types of the issue on existing Blockchain. Some of them are;

Security Issues

The blockchain is a chain which digitally connects a set of “Blocks”. Blockchains are embedded with several types of security features. But some of the failures still exist.   Blockchains are decentralized in its nature. The possibility of being hacked depends on the level of decentralization. If the blockchain is sufficiently decentralized, it is rarely chanced to be hacked. Current blockchains are secured by “Proof of Stake (POS)” or “Proof of Work (POW)”, which requires hash power or electric power. In that point of view, existing blockchains are not energy efficient and the cost is higher to be borne by a single entity.

Quarkchain Blockchain

Decentralization Issue

Decentralization is the heart of Blockchain technology. But, as explained earlier it brings the challenges as well.


Scalability means the possible number of transactions to have proceeded within a second. Higher TPS is the representative of efficient Blockchain. Existing blockchains use different types of approaches to acquire a higher TPS. But most of the approaches put the security in danger.  


The Quarkchain platform has been developed as a solution for all the above issues. As this Blockchain is developed on the following principles, above issues won’t exist in QuarkChain platform.

Quarkchain System

  • Enhancing the scalability while ensuring the security and decentralization
  • Enabling seamless cross-shared transactions to ensurethe better user experience
  • Enabling simple account management for clients
  • Developing open standard to support various Dapp
  • Developing incentive driven ecosystem

This platform can be distinguished from others due to the following features.

  • QuarkChain has been developed with two separate layers in a block to perform recording (ledger) and confirmation of transactions while in existing blockchains, both the functions are performed in one layer.
  • This Blockchain contains an elastic sharding (Minor blockchains) Blockchain layer, where each shard processes sub transactions independently. The main function of this layer is ledger function.
  • Quarkchain consists of a root Blockchain which confirms blocks from sharded blockchains.  This is the layer which performs the confirmation function.
  • This network has the possibility to support additional shards in an active network.   
  • QuarkChain contains 8 minor blockchains and a root Blockchain.
  • QuarkChain allows multiple cheap nodes forming a cluster to replace a super-full node which can be extremely expensive.
  • Not like the existing Blockchains, this Blockchain requires only one account to get accessed.

QuarkChain uses QKS Tokens as their native tokens within the platform and it has been designed just to provide convent and secured way to transact in the ecosystem. They have emphasized that there are no any pre-sale on QKS tokens.

QuarkChain has been deploying a competent team and advisors in relevant areas. Following is a brief explanation about its founder.

Quarkchain Team 1

Qi Zhou

Qi has obtained his Masters degree in computer engineering from Georgia Institute of technologies. He has worked as a software engineer for Google and possesses 15+ years of experiences in the profession.

Quarkchain Team 2

Team plans to achieve following milestones in future years and they invite you to have participated in testing of testnet as a volunteer.  

Quarkchain Roadmap

  • Releasing testnet 1.0 with the support of smart contracts
  • Releasing QuarkChain Core 1.0 and Mainnet 1.0
  • Releasing QuarkChain Core 2.0 and Mainnet 2.0

More Details of Quarkchain:
? Website: https://www.quarkchain.io/
? Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio
?️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quark_Chain
? Github: https://github.com/QuarkChain
Ⓜ️ Medium: https://medium.com/@quark_30920
? Weibo: http://weibo.com/QuarkChain

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