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Orvium Review

The Scientific information publishing is one of the most profitable industry in the world. 50% to 70% of publishing is doing by five publishers and their profit margin have been reported to exceed top companies in the world such as Google, Amazon and Apple.

Orvium is the first open source platform which decentralized to manage scholar articles and publications and associated data. This helps to eliminate market inefficiencies and it is helps to improve and increase effectiveness of scientific publishing. The target of Orvium is to be the most popular publication platform for the people who involves in research while returning benefits of science to society.

Orvium helps to make a unique and seamless integration of technology to users. It has Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, decentralized storage, big data analytics and computing cloud, creating a platform to process, validation and disseminate research data and results obtained.

The Orvium platform have following characters

  • Instantly can see the proofs of existence of material and manuscripts are available at once they submitted.
  • Copyright and licenses of articles can transfer and those are owned by Authors
  • Cost of publication and Access to platform is very optimal and that cost are not influenced by market structure.
  • The framework is very efficient to create journals with low cost for maintenance and operation
  • Continuous and transparent reviews is done by research community and they determine validity of the research.
  • Peer reviewers can get reward economically and they can get public recognition
  • Journals can subscribe freely without restrict to any model
  • This platform is social platform.

In addition, Orvium is an open source and therefore all software and applications developed by orvium will always be open source.

Orivium faced the problem to entering to market as any other new things. So Orivium used following strategies to win the market share. Those strategies are based on promote open and transparent access to new knowledge of science with supporting to technological evolution.

Breaking barriers of publication costs:

The publication on orvium is fundamentally reduced cost process by participating of the community or by defining custom licenses. As example, helping to improve the quality of the science or validating the science through peer review is rewarded.

Improve knowledge dissemination:

Currently, public research institutions and universities are publicly rewarded based on the number of papers published in high impact journals, which are mostly private. This makes a triple-pay loop, while also creating a barrier to open access and limiting the dissemination of knowledge. Orvium will allocate part of its budget to create, promote and leverage Orvium’s publication model. This will help to break the loop and eliminate the barriers while maximizing dissemination.

  • Support research:

Orvium funds to researches and awarding process will be transparent. It is open to any member of the Orvium community.

  • Enhance R&D collaboration frameworks:

Orvium’s core is formed by leading edge technologies. Big data analytics, blockchain, smart contracts, and machine learning are rapidly and continuously evolving. The Orvium team is committed to fostering public R&D activities. In this sense, Orvium LTD will have a role in establishing collaboration and funding frameworks for R&D with universities and research institutions. Orvium will ensure that results will be open source and public.

  • Open source development:

Orvium is committed to open source coding. All the software developed is, and always will be, open source, facilitating the required technology evolution.

Current Model Inefficiencies

  • High Costs to Access Scientific Results
  • Lack of Transparency
  • No Link between Research and Data
  • Scientists Work is not Fully Recognized
  • Long Delays from Submission to Publication
  • Copyrights and Licenses Owned by Publishers
  • Low Quality Journals and Predatory Practices

Orvium’s Model Properties

  • Optimal Publication Costs
  • Continuous and Transparent Peer Reviews
  • Multi-Authors Peer Reviews
  • Recognition and Reward of Peer Reviewers
  • Zero-Delay Publication
  • Full Life Cycle Traceability
  • Support for Manuscript Versioning
  • Research Data and Process is Available
  • Custom Copyright and User Licenses
  • Decentralized Journals
  • Subscription Freedom
  • Secure Author Authentication
  • Gray Literature is Accommodated
  • Public Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Fully Social Platform

Token Mechanics Summary (ORV)


Acting as an author:

  • Send ORV for getting peer reviews.
  • Send ORV in exchange of market data.
  • Send ORV to acquire research data rights.
  • Receive ORV from journals/readers (Orvium gets a percentage fee from these transactions).
  • Receive ORV when solving challenges (patronage campaigns).
  • Receive ORV for research data access (if not free).

Acting as a reviewer:

  • Receive ORV when doing peer reviews.

Journal owner

  • Send ORV to authors for using their papers.
  • Send ORV to Orvium for the platform usage.
  • Send ORV in exchange of market data.
  • Receive ORV from readers (Orvium gets a percentage fee from these transactions).

Any individual or institution

  • Send ORV for encouraging new validations/reviews of existing papers.
  • Send ORV for creating and contributing to patronage campaigns.
  • Send ORV in exchange of market data.

More Details of Orvirum Project and Tokensale:

Official Website: https://orvium.io
Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj
Telegram: https://t.me/orvium
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3535259.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orvium



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