What is Signals | Advantages of SGN Tokensale and Signals ICO

What is Signals

Cryptocurrencies are widely spreading as a famous investment option with the expansion of internet and blockchain technology. There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies trading in multiple exchanges. With compared to the traditional assets crypto offers lots of advantages for the traders including global and 24/7 accessibility. But Crypto brings a higher level of risk due to lack of regulations, liquidity, and knowledge. As a result of these risks some traders loss their investments because of inaccurate decision making.

Signals developing a solution for that issue by interacting Blockchain technology and Crypto technology. Signals is a decentralized, blockchain based artificial intelligence platform which would empower crypto traders with data sciences to optimize their profits. It connects traders, data scientist and the developers for a greater outcome.  Signals possess a user-friendly visual based interface called as “Signals Strategy Builder” that anybody can use without the basic knowledge of computer sciences. It is very easy to work with this platform. Initially, User has to pick out a data set which needs to be analyzed. Then you can choose the different types of indicators and combine them into trading Signals of your choice. Now you have developed your own strategy. Then let the trading strategy to optimize its performance based on historical data. Signals use different types of indicators to analyze data including Basic premium indicators, Technical analysis indicators, Sentiment analysis indicators, Machine learning based indicators, etc. Once you satisfied with the results you can start to trade and generate profits or earn Signals tokens.

Signals have launched “Signals Token (SGN)” ERC20 token backed by Ethereum blockchain. SGN is a hybrid token model which can be used to trade within the platform and can be used as a revenue stream. They are expecting to allocate the tokens for their stakeholders in following proportions.

  • 50% will be available for public sale
  • 20% will be reserved for the community as a reward for developers and data scientist
  • 18% will be allocated for company reserve for future developments
  • 10% will be allocated to the team
  • Remaining 2% will be distributed through Bounty programs

They have already sold $500,000 worth tokens during the presale and expect to sell a maximum of $18,000,000 worth tokens during the crowdsale. Crowdsale will be started on 12th March 2018.  

The management team comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication, and institutional trading.  Following is a small explanation on the Co-founders. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Pavel Nemec – CEO and Co-founder

Pavel has completed his Ph.D. at Masarykova University and he possesses years of experiences in world reputed companies.

Pavel Volek – CTO and Co-founder

Pavel has completed his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Czech technical university in Prague and he was working as software Architect and front-end developer in reputed companies.

Signals concept was born in 2017. Up to now, they have initialized the concept into the platform. They did their pre-sale at the end of 2017 and the Crowdsale will be opened soon. The team is currently working to achieve following goals within the expected time schedules.

2018 quarter 1 –

Launching SGN token sale and strategy marketplace Alpha

Quarter 2

Introducing data marketplace private Alpha and indicators marketplace private Alpha

Quarter 3 & 4

Introducing data marketplace public Alpha and integration with decentralized supercomputers

2019 quarter 1

Developing mobile app and introducing marketplace Beta

Quarter 2

Integrating 0x trading protocol into-Signals

To achieve the above targets Signals has partnered with iExec, Foxconn’s SafeDx, Stox, CCN, Finance Magnates, CIO etc.  

For More Information About Signals Sale: Signals-Official Website

Signals-Telegram group 

Signals-official Twitter


Read Signals Whitepaper: Click Here

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