Airfio ICO Launch, The biggest ICO launch with AI technology

Airfio ICO Launch,ICO is abbreviated to “Initial Public Offering”. ICO means a blockchain company offering their crypto currency or token to general public in exchange of other crypto currency or token. This is a new source of funding. Receiver can use these crypto currencies in transactions within the platform and among the allowed platforms.

Airfio has launched its crowdsales and campaigns with the purpose of raising 25 Million ARF tokens. Special bounty and affiliate campaigns are designed with easier interface and advanced dashboard. The registered persons can earn free tokens by sharing Airfio posts in Twitter, Facebook or posting their ideas in blogs. They have provided facilities to calculate earned tokens by your own.

They launched their pre ICO on 16th November 2017 to 20th November 2017 with opening value of 0.30USD and closing value of 0.50USD. Airfio planned to raise 1 Million within these 5 days. But they could be able to achieve their target by its 1st date. Out of the fund raised, they are planning to utilize 20% in development, 35% in marketing, 10% in community, 20% for legel compliance and 15% in operations.

Then they launched their ICO on 5th December 2017 to 3rd January 2018 with the target to allocate 9 Million tokens. Launch started with an opening value of 0.55USD and closed with 1.00USD closing vale per token. Airfio could be able to release 0.3 millian tokens on the 1st date. It’s evidencing how the ICO is successful.

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