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What-is-KWH Coin

KWH has been developed to address this problem by providing decentralized block chain based platform to trade, exchange, donate & democratize the value of two way generation to the electricity grid. KWH is a mobile and desktop application (The Grid) which users KWHcoin as their native currency and has been backed by kilowatt hour of electricity. The grid consists of clean energy producers, consumers, environmentalists, clean energy advocates, renewable energy providers and industry professionals. Do not need any third party involvement in this process. They create a global, boundaryless, peer to peer, virtual power grid.

KWH doesn’t use any type of energy produced from fossil fuel.

KWH works toward the mission of providing a viable solution for the 1.2 billion people who don’t have the access to energy.

Renewable energy producers place their energy usage in to the blockchain based KWH grid platform. Then KWH converts the produced energy in to KWH tokens. An individual having the choice to purchase renewable energy can purchase from the renewable energy providers in the platform. KWH works as an open source platform, which supports to communicate information. People will be given the opportunity to work with the group.

The specialty of KWH is that the platform has been built on the following core values.

  • Emergence and Agility

The team collectively works to achieve the mission, without worrying about titles, positions, job descriptions and no limits with few specialists and more generalists. Girard Newkirk is the founder CEO of KWHcoins. He is a highly qualified person with lots of experiences in different field. Specially he is an active volunteer, who works for several volunteer services.

  • Humanitarianism

They work with the expectation of removing barriers that obstruct the improvement of human condition.

  • Social Consciousness

They work to create a dynamic and thriving online community.

  • Systematize

Work to collect information from people and archive them in to the system.

  • Education

Expect to share the knowledge they known. They expect to teach the world about blockchain.

KWH token module builds up an independent economy and provides the basis for smart contracts. KWHcoin tokens consist of eight types of token modules.

  • Energy efficient tokens
  • Energy storage tokens
  • Electric vehicle tokens
  • Demand response tokens
  • Microgrid token
  • Solar Photovoltaic tokens
  • Combined heat and power tokens
  • Humanitarian token

KWHcoin’s ICO is scheduled to launch on 8th February 2018. They wish to supply 195 Mn KWH tokens in ICO. The total KWH token supply will be decided by the scale of energy resource generation. Total would be distributed as follows.

  • 10% for microgrid development and off grid technology investments in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, Caribbean etc.
  • 5% for utilize pending business opportunities, which are connected with commercial, industrial and residential community. 53% for launching KWHcoin as a decentralized renewable energy economy.
  • 32% for launch infrastructure and administration purposes.  

KWH is not a platform which restricted only to energy supply. They have partnered with PATH, an organization committed to ending homelessness for individuals, families and communities. PATH members will receive KWHCoins for their activities. So KHW is not just a business. It’s a global project.

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