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Seal Network ReviewSeal Network is the best way for any person to inspect whether an item is authentic or fake. Seals include NFC chips, installed into physical products, Seal applications, and Seal Network to supply a quick, straightforward, and secure method to supply authenticity as well as various other services. By promoting a safe version of physical items, Seals enable product-specific solutions to run such as possession transfer, burglary avoidance, insurance coverage, however likewise brand name activation as well as product evaluation projects.

Seal Network enable brand names to make money every time their items alter owners. For the first time in history, brand names could generate income from items offered with scrap profession, while shielding their markets from counterfeiters. Utilizing the power of blockchain, credibility could be examined and also ownership could be transferred numerous years from currently, even if the product itself is quiet, as long as people add to the decentralized Seal network. Seals want to bring back self-confidence to customers and also make it possible for brands to communicate with their most widely-delivered clients in one of the most direct manner in which the internet has ever before seen. With each other, we construct a much better globe where customers value the innovative job of the maker and stop feeding the false economy.

Seal Platform

The framework of Credibility Seal’s investments in the platform will prepare for the world’s infrastructure of credibility. This facility is the basis upon which a solution environment can be built upon. Maybe most notably, it would certainly supply a method for brand names to gather data as well as carry out geographic and time series evaluation on item streams. This is a leap ahead in the maturation of insight-driven organizations. Various other solutions are not limited to the formerly highlighted solutions. In the future, Seal might, even more, broaden its service offering, as an example with unique customized as well as police software.

Seal Stucture

Convergence of E-commerce & Retail Seal has both E-Commerce and also Retail applications. In retail, Seal can end up being a no-checkout approach to pay for genuine items. Merely scan, pay as well as walk away. In E-Commerce, confirming as well as claiming the ownership of items might take place also before the product is shipped, or detailed on sites like eBay or Amazon. Ought to the vendor cannot send the product, the brand-new proprietor can lock the product by marking it as lost or taken.

Money of Authenticity Seal develops itself as the money of credibility. The money is optimized for transacting durable goods. Utilizing Seal to spend on items while directly claiming ownership supplies both the purchaser and also seller an assured exchange of goods. With routine FIAT purchases, there is no chance to inform with assurance whether (a) the product is real as well as (b) physical money/ banknotes are not counterfeited.

Seal App

Initial Product Seal has actually developed a functioning version of the product. The Seal app works with Android as well as iOS (Apple iPhone 7 and also up). Current attributes include credibility checks, possession transfers and also stock monitoring. The product is scheduled to be downloadable in the Google Play Store and also Apple App Shop later on this year.

Present carried out attributes

Android and also iPhone suitable
Credibility checks
Possession transfers
Inventory monitoring

Seal Network  TOKEN SALE
Token Cap An optimum of 1.2 b tokens will certainly be produced as well as will never ever exceed this quantity. No more than 492m tokens will certainly be allowed for the token sale rounds. Price cuts and incentives rely on strategic partnerships as well as deal dimension.

KYC and AML are called for prior to buying symbols. Customers should give their information as well as the address that will certainly be used to send Ether from. If tokens in the presale round continue to be unsold, they will be supplied in the main sale. Supplied symbols that continue to be unsold after the primary sale will be dispersed proportionately to ALL token sale individuals. Example: Purchaser acquisitions 3.69 m Seal tokens during the main sale, 123m (25%) of symbols continue to be unsold. Purchaser gets 1.23 m [( 3.69/ (492-123)) x 123] added tokens for a total of 4.92 m symbols.

Real costs will certainly remain in Ether and also will certainly be offered on the internet site, in addition to the perk framework
Rates will remain in Ether rather than bucks to decrease direct exposure to ETH-USD volatility.


Seal Network  intend to allocate the tokens as displayed in the complying with table

seal token allocation

Seal intend to utilize the funds generated in the token sale as follows:

Seal Fund Allocation

Road Map

01. SEAL APPLICATION The fundamental application is developed with NFC scanning. The credibility check is executed.
02. BACKEND The standard backend website is produced which permits brand names to configure products for their assembly line.

03. CROWDSALE Q 1 2018 Token sale and also circulation.

04. ITEM DEPLOYMENT Q 3 2018 The first industrial items are released on the Seal Network.

05. ITEM GROWTH Q 4 2018 The Seal App and backend will be more created.

06. ADDED SERVICES Q 1 2019 The services portfolio is extended with various other and brand-specific solutions.

07. ANALYTICS Q 3 2019 An analytics dashboard created executives that want too much better comprehend their consumers’ actions.

08. BLOCKCHAIN R&D Q 1 2020 A Seal blockchain is produced as well as tokens are moved from Ethereum to the Seal blockchain.

09. CHIP DESIGN R&D Q 1 2021 A more advanced proprietary NFC is created along with a development partner.

Seal Team 

Seal Team

More Details About Seal Network and Seal Token Sale:

Official Website: https://seal.network
( BEWARE OF PHISHING! Seal only uses the domains seal.network and token.seal.network.Any other domains do NOT belong to them. )
Whitepaper: https://seal.network/seal-whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread: http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2929809.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/r/seal_network
Telegram: https://t.me/sealnetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/sealnetwork

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