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Usage of mobile devices for internet access is getting increased daily. As per the existing records majority of them still, use prepaid connections. Siglo provides a comprehensive solution for prepaid connection users in emerging market by eliminating the barriers that prevent them from participating in the digital economy such as high cost. Siglo is the bockchain based, decentralized financial and digital inclusion platform which enables the users to earn airtime top-ups while traveling, at home, anytime or anywhere. The first Siglo app is Pig.gi, which has already been installed by 1.2 Million users in Mexico and Colombia.

Siglo token is the first token which allows the providers to reward consumers directly through mobile connectivity in exchange for the service. Siglo tokens will address the challenges in the token economy in two tiers.

  1. The Siglo token allows value to be exchanged within Siglo apps including Pig.gi
  2. The data connectivity off-chain coins that are fixed to local market product pricing.

Exact details on ICO dates or maximum no of tokens to be issued hasn’t been published yet. You can receive the latest news by adding your Email address to the website.

Though the company has not confirmed yet, they wish to sell 40% of the tokens in ICOs. The funds collected through these ICOs would be occupied to expand and to promote the platform. 30% would be held in reserve fund to minimize the volatility in the token market.

Now Siglo can be used in the Pig.gi app with Pig.gi coins and the team expects to expand this to be used in different markets at a rate that is a function of mobile airtime cost, advertising cost and value of local fiat currency.

Siglo is Gibraltar based company which has deployed very talented fourteen full-time employees from six countries. This management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Joel Phillips and Isaac Phillips – Co-founders

They have spent several years to identify and study how users live, think, connect and consumer internet. They have visited over fifty countries.

Joel Phillips was graduated in economics from the University of Colombia. He has founded multiple mobile apps and marketing startups.

Isaac Phillips is a finance degree holder from the University of Denver. He was the consultant for global telcos. As well he is a mobile app developer.

Anish Mohammed works as Chief advisor and token economist.

Zev Bimstein holds the position of research and strategy manager.

Tania Pimentel works as project manager and Antoine Delanglade works as Business development manager.

Mark Moline, Diego Vargas, Brittany Kaiser, Jeffrey Guy Bone are the Advisors for Siglo and Gary Ross is the legal counselor.

Siglo has been partnered with Forbes, Fortune, El Tiempo, Reforma, CNN, El Universal and Entrepreneur for their media activities. In future, they will negotiate with all the traders in their business area to establish the emerging market for mobile connectivity.  

More Details of Siglo: Siglo Official Website

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