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Karma is a private participation association devoted to interfacing uncommon and helpful people both socially and professionally. Karma is a group of business people, pioneers, experts and globe-trotters who share and extend it ranges of influence. Through an assortment of experiential occasions, thrilling gatherings and world class parties, Karma enable its individuals to manufacture enduring bonds and kinships, along these lines improving every others lives, sharing business thoughts and upgrading altruistic causes.

Karma’s Mission

Today Karma’s mission is to provide the Karma Protocol and Karma International Token (KIT) to empower membership-based communities around the world, including Physical membership organizations, Virtual membership organizations and Non-profit organizations.

Built up in 2005, Karma had the first mission of associating excellent and helpful people both socially and professionally through an assortment of prominent experiential occasions, business organizing summits, parties, and universal outings.

Karma’s Benefits

In 2014 Karma International stepped up and set out to build up another interior stage, what at last turned into the Karma Member Lounge (KML). The KML has turned into an intense and multi-faceted stage which has profited from numerous times of industry encounter, huge speculation, R&D, and engaged and composed programming advancement endeavors. Karma new offering, Karma, proceeds and hugely scales this vision, speaking to the circulated, blockchain innovation

based, tokenized, secured and versatile reconsidering of the first KML – made accessible to any enrollment based organization. Karma will be versatile and extensible, implying that it can be custom fitted to the assorted and advancing necessities of participation associations around the world. Keeping in mind the end goal to make progress at speed, Karma will use: the learning they have picked up from building, working and dealing with a profoundly effective group organize (KML),  the mastery and abilities of their blockchain improvement group, the direction of their counselors, and the esteemed contribution of the developing Karma Community.

How to Become Karma Member?

Karma is looking to find people who reverberate with their way of life and increase the value of Karma. If that is you, Karma unconditionally welcomes you to APPLY NOW.

Karma’s Token Generation Event (TGE)/ Token Allocation

The contribution will be made using BTC, ETH, and EOS. All other Altcoins will be converted into BTC through change. We will allocate our KIT tokens in multiple series.

·         TGE Structure:


·         Token Distribution Model:


·         TGE Bonuses:

Bonuses are to be given in a time-based manner during the TGE as below:

  • Pre-TGE: 50%
  • Day 1: 25%
  • Day 2: 22%
  • Day 3: 20%
  • Day 4: 17%
  • Day 5: 15%
  • Day 6: 10%
  • Day 7: 8%
  • Day 8: 5%
  • Day 9: 3%
  • Day 10: 0%


Karma’s Future Plans

  • Graduate karma capabilities
  • Open karma for public use
  • Karma marketplace

Join Karma’s Token Sale : TGE Token Sale 

Karma White Paper : Click Here to Read


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