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FRAS COIN is abbreviated for “Frasindo Rent”, an online taxi supplier and car rental company based in Indonesia. Frasindo is the official partner for Uber, Grab and Gocar.   In Indonesia it is restricted to provide rent cars or car drivers, if the company is not an Indonesian company. So above three rental car providers are not allowed to operate directly in Indonesia. So they have partnered with “Frasindo”.

Frasindo is planning to expand their core business. They have introduced “FRAS COIN”, which is a blockchain and start up Incubator. It is self sustainable. It means that FRAS COIN” has its own routine income comes from online taxi, car rental and driver recruitment business as the official partner for above said companies within Indonesia. FRAS COIN is baked by several kinds of assets in transportation industry. It is operating within the legal framework, complies with government regulations and has been approved by the Indonesian government.

In this platform, members can suggest ideas for which the community can vote. If the suggestion got expected numbers of votes, FRAS COIN will bring the idea in to reality as a development project. They provide leadership, funding, knowledge and all other requirements. At the end it would be acquired by FRAS COIN.

Few advantages of FRAS COIN

  • Backed by real assets
  • Give life time benefits to members such as free tour guide, free car usage and drivers
  • Legalized and regulated by the government
  • Fully accessible information even through mobile apps
  • Share a part of net profit to the members


FRAS COIN management team is comprised with highly qualified and experienced professionals in different areas.  Following is a small explanation on few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Sandy Budiman

He is the founder and CEO of FRAS COIN. He is specialized in company nurturing, finance and crowd management.

Lidya Fransisca – Core founder

She is an expert in hospitality standards and works for Singapore Airlines.

Yohanes Joko and Vita Virginia are also core founders of the project.

Travin Keith handles a significant part of the project as blockchian advisor.

Frasindo has introduced two types of coins namely FRAS Coin and CAR Coin. FRAS Coins are the tokens sold during the token sale and the quantity is fixed. CAR Coins are freely issuing only for FRAS Coin holders. It is auto replenish every 24 hours.

It is expected to distribute 100,000,000 tokens as FRAS Coins. 8 % of that would be allocated to the founders and the team. 2% has been reserved for bounty program. Remaining 90% would be sold in ICO’s. The crowd sale is beginning on 15th February 2018 with 20% bonus and closing on 15th April 2018.

In the current situation FRAS Coin acts only as an asset token. In near future users would be able to trade these coins within the platform and the team work to integrate them with ATM. Then they would develop mobile wallet which is expected to be developed as online banking service.

Other than Uber, Grab and Cocar, Stellar, Ignis, Ardor Asisraya, venomRx has been partnered with FRAS coin to support their journey.

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