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Eye health faces many alternative issues globally, due to historical, common, human, technological, economical or different reasons. All the issues are in a way or another associated with 3 Mega issues which are closed native communities of pros, restricted public awareness concerning eye health, and enormous workloads for the professionals. EyeGlob.Net can launch as knowledgeable social networking platform and can directly begin to impact native teams towards economic process and later will remodel into international community of eye health professionals.

Eye health market is quite conservative. There’s no convincing progress in eye disease treatment, additionally nothing distinguished in AMD and different vital topics of medical specialty for 20+ years. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no development or innovations afoot. Please, see the below listed solely the few issues that are associated with this issue:

Financing – majority of the R&D capital (both intellectual and monetary) is allotted to the foremost life threatening diseases like cancer and circulatory system.

Fragmentation of scientific efforts – because of general localization of skilled teams in specific market – there are multiple groups acting on terribly similar problems at constant time.

Regulatory – even once innovation is formed, it‘s up to ten years for the merchandise to achieve the patients.

EyeGlob.Net scheme are multilayer, multifunctional platform with specific tools integrated for every interested neutral. EyeGlob.Net community are users and content creators. By inhabiting EyeGlob.Net – every user are making content which can be purpose of interest for one more user or cluster of users. A part of the information on the EyeGlob.Net is totally decentralized and holds on block chain by every user (for example patient card).

EyeGlob.Net also will collect great quantity of knowledge from heaps of various trusty sources, organize it within the sort of records and store it in secure databases and/or the block chain. EyeGlob. Most of our components are open sourced. Block chain based mostly encrypted certificate (EYE) token are inner EyeGlob.Net eligibility to access merchandise, services and might be earned by providing users content and used as an indoor payment technique for services and merchandise inside the network and on to partners (as example – for eye surgery in partner clinic or specs purchase through our mercantilism tool).

EyeGlob.Net could be a full international scheme of parties’ associated with eye health. It’s the digital world with mixed decentralized technologies, AI and massive information. This is often unexampled case unifying the resources and efforts to optimize the performance of all stakeholders along and individually. We have a tendency to believe that this can create a large distinction in eye health statistics and facilitate billions of individuals in person.

All transactions in EyeGlob.net are dead in EYE tokens – issued in terribly restricted quantity. There are many forms of transactions involving eye tokens:

  1. A) Earning (EYE) token.
  2. B) Defrayal (EYE) token.
  3. C) Feat (EYE) token.

Content creators are earning EYE tokens. If user provides information for EyeGlob.Net – user are rewarded with quantity of EYE tokens. information provided could ask filling patient card, writing a trusty review, sharing the article or best observe, downloading a complicated surgery technique video.

Each cluster of interested parties can have the power to earn EYE tokens in their specifics. If R&D team creates their active project profile in EyeGlob.Net – they’ll earn (EYE) tokens and this might be a decent begin for additional monetary success.

EYE token is predicated on the erc20 commonplace (ethereum token). EYE token are used for access of EyeGlob.Net merchandise and services

EYE tokens could also be no heritable among EyeGlob.Net by one in all the subsequent ways:

  • Ether (ETH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • PayPal
  • Direct rescript transfer

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For More Details of EyeGlobNet:
Official Website: https://www.eyeglob.net
Whitepaper: https://eyeglob.net/EGN%20whitepaper%20v1.03.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/eyeglob
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4571479.0



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