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Electrominer is presently developing a groundbreaking, with-it cryptocurrency cloud mining platform oxyacetylene by transportable, solar-powered blockchain datacenter units in Southern Calif… Electrominer was based to eliminate the myriad of technical issues the mining world presently faces further on offer a semi-permanent answer to cost- and energy-inefficient strategies of crypto mining.

Electrominer is revolutionizing the mining trade by utilizing clean energy to sustain its self-powered mining platform. This is often achieved entirely by developing progressive solar array fields as a primary energy supply for our mining instrumentation, further as sourcing different locally-available inexperienced energy together with geothermic and wind energy. Token holders square measure granted access to sharing within the mining platform’s total computing capability supported the number of Electrominer tokens (ELM) they hold beside their membership to the Electrominer Cloud Mining internet Platform.

The amount of warranted out there computing capability per token can grow proportionately to match the number of our facility’s ever-growing hashing power. Crypto miners cannot be resigned to footing high-ticket electricity bills or investment into specialized mining instrumentation with hashing power that won’t ever increase, solely inevitably turning into obsolete. One in all the first objectives of Electrominer is to form a web community for miners everywhere the globe and to share the advantages of a self-sufficing mining platform.

Features of Electrominer

Unlimited Terms, versatile Conditions

The purchase of a chic semi-permanent cloud mining contract could be a serious call requiring intensive cryptocurrency research and careful analysis of the risks related to investment in token mining. We have a tendency to believe that our unlimited, flexible, and adjustable contracts for self-increasing shares of obtainable hashing power can bring cryptocurrency mining to a totally new level of economic stability.

Guaranteed Mining capability and also the Floating number

Guaranteed mining capability is outlined because the quantity of shares every user is entitled to, that is depicted by every token control by every user. Therefore, if a user holds one 1,000,000 tokens and also the total token provide is a hundred,000,000, then their warranted mining capability is eighteen of Electrominer’s total mining capability.

Low Fees

Electrominer is introducing incomparable and revolutionary options to the crypto mining trade, like our ZERO* Power value Strategy and zero-emissions policy. Our investment in star panels to power our mining facilities and cut back electricity prices can maximize our users’ mining profits. It conjointly permits US to contribute to the event of environmental solutions for the longer term of Blockchain.

Sustainable Facilities

The utilization of renewable energy resources puts Electrominer within the distinctive position of finally creating crypto mining additional environmentally friendly. Since shipping containers square measure cost-efficient, portable, and totally useful, Electrominer has elective to use them for housing our datacenter units.

Blockchain technology has generated new opportunities and can cause a people shift within the evolution of the web, however it desires associate usurious quantity of computing power to operate with success. Besides the recent cryptocurrency boom, there was another large improvement once the solar energy trade practiced its own incomparable highs. Presently the worth for electrical phenomenon (PV) star panels is economical and empowers star steam-powered businesses to prosper, and also the Calif. Government motivates native entrepreneurs to use alternative energy by providing tax edges.

There is a set total provide of a hundred,000,000 (one hundred million) Electrominer Token Memberships with a uncomplete provide in circulation representing solely those that haven’t been saved and currently square measure control purchasable on the platform. Electrominer Token Memberships square measure oversubscribed in whole integers with no minimum limit. The Electrominer Token (ETH) case balance of user are indicated it the Electrominer User Account dashboard.

The goal of the ITO (Initial Token Offering) is to boost funds equaling $50 million to launch seven.5 Mega Watts mining facility and power it by own clean renewable energy. The funds are used for fitting the alternative energy generating plant, getting varied mining hardware and setting it up into mobile datacenters. Funds will cowl the event of internet platform that may grant the members comfy access to their hashing power. Unsold tokens are unbroken by the corporate for future retail distribution.

Electrominer Team

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For More Details of Electrominer:
Official Website: https://electrominer.io
Whitepaper: https://electrominer.io/docs/white_paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/electrominer
Twitter: https://twitter.com/electrominerITO
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4710240.msg42526030#msg42526030




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