What is EQUI | Advantages of EQUI Blockchain and EQUI ICO

What is EQUI

Venture capital is a way of providing financing for small, early stage, emerging companies with higher growth potentials, but no access to the equity market. The fund provider may be an individual, firm or an institution. EQUI brings the venture capital market into the modern technology era. EQUI is the world first blockchain based venture capital platform backed by Ethereum. It will allow individuals to combine forces and participants in an investment sector which was restricted to institutions and high-income individuals.

It is very easy to trade on this platform. Each participant should complete the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process, which validates their eligibility to the platform. If the participant gets the eligibility, the profile will be created with a unique Ethereum wallet. The user can deposit his tokens in this wallet.

Once the profile created, users would be able to access a personalized dashboard, which will provide details on tokens and investment projects.

Each project available in the platform is baked with a set of smart contracts. The contract is the negotiation instrument among the participants which contents all the project related information. Registered users can use their tokens to acquire the ownership of the projects.

Upon the maturity of the project, returns are distributed among the investors based on the holding percentages.

EQUI uses EQUItokens as their official currency within the platform. That allows the users to access the platform and gives the ability to invest in different kind of projects. Other than that user can hold the tokens to earn the profit by way of the long-term trading instrument.

The pre-token sale is now open and will be open until 15th March 2018. Public ICO is planned to be opened on 15th March 2018 and it will be closed on 12th April 2018. Early participants will entitle higher bonuses. Finance team expects to issue 250 Million tokens and that would be allocated among the participants as follows.

  • 65% tokens will be made available in ICOs
  • 12% will be allocated for the founders
  • 15% will be distributed among team members
  • 6% will be allocated for advisors
  • 2% will be distributed through bounty program

Each year token supply will be increased by 5% to facilitate loyalty program.

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, finance, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation on founders. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Doug Barrowman – Lead Founder

Doug graduated in business studies from Glasgow University and qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte Haskins and Sells.

Baroness Mone of Mayfair – Co-founder

Michelle is one of the most influencing business women in Uk and award-winning entrepreneur. She won both the coveted title of World Young Business Achiever and the Business Woman of the year awards in 2000.

EQUI expects to expand their platform globally during the next years. They have lined up short-term milestones as follows.  

1st Quarter 2018

  • Launching Pre-ICO and main ICO
  • Opening the user registration

2nd Quarter 2018

  • Testing platform beta version
  • Launching the platform
  • Adding investment projects into the platform
  • Integrating new crypto deposit methods and integrating fiat deposits

3rd Quarter 2018

  • Introducing platform application for Android and iSO
  • Registering with crypto exchanges
  • At the end, EQUI would be able to transform the future of venture capital market.  

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