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What is Entry

The rapid expansion of Blockchain technology has pushed the traditional banking system into a new path that driven by Cryptocurrencies. But Cryptocurrencies hasn’t been able to be famous as expected. Let’s have a look at the reason behind that. Do the Cryptocurrencies have an inherent value?  Do they have another use except for speculation? If both answers are “No”, then what is the point of speculating on a currency which doesn’t have an inherent use?

The “Entry” group identified this expectation gap and they are building a gateway to connect traditional economy with modern Blockchain technology, which is expected to be much more effective but no different than traditional banking. The platform was named as “ENTRY”.

entry system

Entry is a blockchain based decentralized, banking system empowered with artificial intelligence. It enables the usage of Cryptocurrencies in real-world transactions in a similar way to the traditional currencies are used. The platform consists of following five core components.

Entry.Money builds up the gateway between Cryptocurrency and traditional currency. As an example, Euro using merchant can trade with BTC using customer without any value variation. The consumer could pay in BTC and Entry.Money gateway would ensure that the merchant gets paid by Euro.   

Entry.Exchange facilitates to clear the transactions that occurred in Entry platform. Though the platform initially facilitates for Euro, other currencies would be incorporated into the platform in near future.

Entry.Network connects third-party partners, developers and other financial service companies to develop comprehensive solutions for platform users.

Entry.Bank will provide traditional banking services including deposit and withdrawals through Blockchain technology.

Entry.Cash is the value of cryptocurrencies circulated in the platform. The value is getting doubled in every moment.

Entry Tokens

Entry Tokens are the native tokens of this platform which enables the entry into the ecosystem. Except for entry, these token can be used in the platform transactions. These tokens are baked by Ethereum platform and company expects to distribute 590 million tokens among the users in following proportions.

  • 55% out of the total would be available in token sales
  • 17% would be kept for secondary coin offer
  • 20% would be distributed among the team and another 5% would be distributed among the advisors as a reward for their dedication
  • Remaining 3% would be distributed through bounty programs

Funds collecting through the token sales would be occupied the development in Entry ecosystem as follows.

  • 40% for Business development
  • 22% for ensuring legal compliances
  • 20% for community development and marketing
  • 10% to cover operation costs in initial months
  • 5% will be allocated to the technical department for the purpose of research and developments
  • Other 3% will be used to bug bounty program that launched for hackers and developers

Pre ICO is now opened and it will be closed on 10th May. Main ICO would be started on 1st June and would be closed on 31st August.

Entry Network Team

Entry management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation about Chief Executive Officer of Entry.

Tomas Ambrazas

Tomas is an expert in finance management and he holds a masters degree in banking together with 10+ years of experiences. He has positioned as the chairman of licensed money institution in EU.

The Entry concept was born in 2015 and now they have passed the initial part of their Journey. They have lined up the following milestones within next few years.

  • Launching Pre-ICO
  • Starting P2P lending
  • Launching ATM systems and Beta testing of the platform
  • Establishing the partnerships with agents
  • Starting all the banking services through the platform

The team invites you to take part in the journey of establishing “The people’s bank of blockchain”.

For More Details of ENTRY.MONEY:
? Website: https://entry.money
? Telegram: https://t.me/Entry_Official
?️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EntryMoneyICO
? Github: https://github.com/EntryMoney
Ⓜ️ Medium: https://medium.com/@entry
? Discord: https://discord.gg/ARD34SV

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