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What is UnitedCrowd

UnitedCrowd Defined


UnitedCrowd is a digital financial instrument network. Using their Tokenization Platform, they can offer digital financial products—for corporate finance, for example. The architecture allows it possible to develop and optimize financial products based on blockchain technologies using a smart, template-based conceptual framework, so-called smart contracts, which are then distributed as tokens. 

UnitedCrowd Solution

In close coordination with regulatory bodies, all agreements are verified to conform to the country-specific legislation. In order for a token to achieve its intended function and to get all parties together, separate systems must be dynamically interlocking and giving different circumstances their own rights of access.

UnitedCrowd Platform

Their features include:

  • Financing platform: They deliver a customized fund backend to our clients and their customers. 
  • Legal framework: They work under German law to provide you and your investors with the best possible protection. 
  • Partner network: Access their network of foreign partners and advisors. 
  • Investor community: Receive the promotion and participation of the UnitedCrowd group.


UnitedCrowd Architecture


The 3-layer architecture on which the system is centered distinguishes the network sub-tasks and the functionality of rights holders in various instances. Access is given to all position holders solely in compliance with the exercise feature, both through the API and the front end and to regulators via immediate access. It comes with the following layers and components:

1) Settlement layer: The on-chain components of the system are included in the settlement layer. There, properties are programmed by smart contracts and configured as tokens. Different financial products each have their own token specifications and are categorized into various token groups based on the product.

2) Confidence layer: The confidence layer helps organize compliance and information confirmation and establishes mechanisms and procedures that guarantee that binding legal and ethical guidelines can be used. Validating conformity with legal and financial legislation is a crucial condition that seeks to provide both versatile resilience and the security of right holders. Consistent Identification Protocols for the processing of personal data by issuers, investors, and businesses are necessary and needed by legislation.

3) Service layer: The service layer offers interfaces for off-line communication. The data sharing takes place through Oracle and DAPPs, which maintain connectivity via the frontend and interactive functions, assign either read-only rights or control functions to various position holders. A strong “data intelligence layer” offers an interface for research and details as a core component for the delivery of off-chain attributes.

UnitedCrowd Token

Issuance of token


Conformance with the legislative system and administrative frameworks is assured both off-line and on-line. 

Review of the issuer: Before UnitedCrowd produces a digital financial offering, they review the issuer against fixed conditions that are being questioned and assessed. This involves, for example, due diligence, corporate governance, and protection, but also administration, which, among other aspects, undergoes standard checks and background checks on honesty and credibility harm. 

Choice of method of financing: if the conditions are fulfilled and they are persuaded of the viability of the proposal, a decision on the type of financing would be made in a second phase. In the Tokenization Framework, all privileges and responsibilities found therein could be digitized in various values. Based on the specifications and aims of the organization, these versions are of varying suitability.

Emission and permissions: Now that all the conditions of the contract have been explicitly specified, the token can be released. The token must take into consideration the authorizations to buy either through the off-chain verifier or through the related KYC/AML requirements at the level of the smart contract. It can also be transmitted only to authenticated or white-listed accepted addresses linked to an individual. Although currently approved users may not need to be approved, the token must take into consideration investor certification for new users.

UnitedCrowd Team

UnitedCrowd Partners

For More Details About UnitedCrowd :


Website: https://unitedcrowd.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnitedCrowd_com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedCrowd
Telegram Group: https://t.me/UnitedCrowd
Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2mox0y9ke4sdyiz/UnitedCrowd_Whitepaper_en.pdf?dl=0

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