Cryptocurrency Trading Secrets

Crypto-trading-Secrets Welcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading Secrets ! There has never been a better time to learn how to buy and sell on the explosive cryptocurrency markets than right now!

In order to get started, you will need to have some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, have set up an account with (which is free!) and transferred them into your account there.

Once you have registered an account, secure it with Two-Factor Authentication using the Google Autheticator. This will protect your account from unauthorized logins.

It is extremely important that whenever and wherever you use bitcoin, you use as maximum of security as possible.

Like anything else, there is a bit of study that needs to be done, but our system has simple rules that will help you make decisions about what trades you want to take, or not. Our intention is that by studying this information, you will be empowered to know how to expand your capital, whether it’s $10 or $10,000, by successful micro profits on Poloniex.

Disclaimer: Remember, trading is high risk – so ONLY invest money you are comfortable risking. We can not guarantee results and it is possible to lose some or all of the money you invest. Any investment contains risk and is 100% the responsibility of the investor to assess the risks/rewards involved. Our trainers assume no liability assumed or implied for your application of the information shared from the training programs.

Our system can give you some guidance on what has worked successfully to create small profits that add up to big profits over time. With this system it can help you improve and slowly grow your starting amount hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to awesome new heights!

Now that we’ve gotten the scary warning out of the way, let’s jump right into it with some basic rules – memorize these and take them to heart as these will guide you in all your trades.

Rule #1 – Don’t be greedy!
The whole philosophy of the micro trading system is SMALL, incremental profits that add up to a big profit by the end of the month. Too many people want to go for the home run right out of the gate, and that is not how you are going to succeed in trading. Slow and steady always wins the race, whereas trying to go too big can COST you money.

The beauty of The Secret-Profit System is that whether the market is up, down or sideways, you can still make these micro profits!

Our system is geared toward you making small, .3% to .5% profits on trades. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot and you might be like… why bother? Well here’s why. If you can do 3 successful trades per day with our system that add up to a 1% profit per day, let’s look at what happens to the numbers (these are just projections, not guarantees):

$1000 initial investment and 1% compounding gain per day.

Day 1 - $1010
Day 10 - $1104.62
Day 20 - $1220.19
Day 30 - $1347.85

So on a $1000 initial investment, you increased your money by 34.78% in 30 days with just a 1% profit per day.

Let’s see what happens to that money over 6 months because of the compounding effect:

Month 1 - $1347.85
Month 2 - $1816.56
Month 3 - $2448.37
Month 4 - $3299.90
Month 5 - $4447.62
Month 6 - $5994.50 - WOW! A 499.45% increase!

Even just starting with $100 can grow to over $3,000 in a year following the system!

All from just a couple trades that add up to 1% profit per day.

And if you really want to get excited, get your calculator out and figure out the profit over a LONGER period of time at just .5% to 1% profit per day – it will blow your mind!

At the time of this writing, our account is up by over 13% from 9 days of trading this month using the Secret Profit System. Yes you CAN do more than 1% a day! But again, go for the small gains and focus on just 1% per day from all your trades and you will win much bigger over time. Slow and steady always wins the race.

Rule #2 – Only trade when you see what you want!
Don’t be desperate for a trade! Only trade when you see what we teach you below. And don’t ever feel like you lost out or missed something because you didn’t take a trade and “missed the party”. There will ALWAYS be another “party”! And the next one might just be yours – so keep a level head and follow the directions!

Rule #3 – Know your numbers!
Every trade you do has fees. The reason we trade on Poloniex is because the fees are almost insignificant and that enables you to have more profit and easier success with your trades.

The Secret Profit Strategy

The below steps are EXACTLY what we do to do our best to ensure that we have successful trades. Again, go for the BASE HITS, not the home runs, and you will be practicing the Secret Profit System exactly!

We suggest you trade in either BTC (Bitcoin) as your base coin or the USDT (US Dollar Tethered – a coin that is stable in value and tied to the US Dollar).

Bitcoin is relatively stable and increasing in value, but just be aware that trading in BTC is subject to the changes of BTC. DON’T PANIC SELL your BTC! If there is a Market Correction (See section BELOW) there are strategies you can apply to even make money during a “crash”!

Otherwise trading in USDT is totally stable. The price of USDT does not change – so unlike other cryptocurrencies which are always in flux, this one stays steady.

Trading the USDT market enables us to take trades and stably make profit because of the stability of USDT. BUT… trading in BTC can also magnify your profits as the price of BTC goes up as your trading and increasing your BTC.

Set Up Your Graphs and Get the Blockfolio App!

Make sure to set the graphs you are looking at to 5 minute candelsticks and the last 6 hrs or 24 hours. Also use the “gear” icon in the top left to turn off everything except for the Bollinger Band. The Bollinger Band is your secret weapon to know WHEN to take a trade and when not to.microProfit2.png
Here are the Micro-Profit System steps:

(1) Look at the chart on 6 hrs or 24 hrs. What you are looking for is what is called the Bollinger Squeeze.
When the Bollinger Band starts to get closer and closer together, something is about to happen!

We look for times when the band is trending UPWARD or slightly upward and when the “Candles” are breaking out of the TOP of the Band.

That is generally an indicator that something is going to happen and it’s going to be good! The price could shoot up quickly and we could make our micro profit!

You do NOT want to take a trade when the Bollinger Band is down trending and the candles break out of the bottom! That usually means the trend will continue down.

(2) When you see the Bollinger Band trending up and the candles breaking out of the top and you decide you want to take the trade, quickly pull the current “BUY” price for the coin and put it in the Calculator so you can see what your .3%, .5%, 1% etc. profit points are.
Then take those numbers and see what the high sales price was for the last 24 hours, 2 days or 4 days. This is the part where you have to make a judgement call… if your break even or .3% profit number is MORE than the coin has ever done before or more than it has done in the past 24hrs, 2 days or 4 days… it is may be a riskier trade – but you STILL MAY WANT TO TAKE IT. Make sure to read up on the coin and check the news that is happening on,, etc. Also, if there is a STRONG uptrend in the Bollinger Band during the squeeze AND the Candles are uptrending too, it could explode out to all new heights!

BUT…if the break even or .3%, .5% etc. numbers are well within range for the past 24 hrs, couple days, etc and the Bollinger Band and Candles are doing what you want, then it could be an awesome trade! So decide quickly and make your move!

(3) When you see what you want and take the trade! Quickly fill out the Poloniex Profit/Loss with Fees Calculator with the info on how much the coin was and how many you purchased – which you can see below in your trade history:microProfit8.png

Download the Blockfolio app for Android or iOS and set an alert for the coin you’re trading at the point where you BREAK EVEN so that when that coin hits it you will know. (There are even more things you can do with the app so have fun exploring!) microProfit16.png

Search for the coin name and select it.microProfit17.png

Select “Poloniex”. 2. Tap “Watch Only”. 3. Tap “Save”microProfit18.png

Tap the “Alert” icon

Tap “add alert”microProfit20.png

Select “Poloniex”. 2. Select a Threshold (above for your break even, below for your “loss” warning). 3. Tap “1 TIME”. 4. Tap “Save”microProfit21.png

Also set an alert for whatever you are comfortable risking for a loss in the app. Keep in mind that sometimes a trade may move down at first so DON’T PANIC SELL! It may take a while, minutes, hours and some trades several hours or more to hit your mark and sell. So be patient.

Additional Notes

News is important, but NUMBERS are more important. We would suggest to keep an eye on major news channels for cryptocurrencies. There is a great app called BTCnews that will keep you informed of everything happening in the world of cryptocurrencies! Sometimes if you see a positive article come out about a coin you are trading and it starts to climb fast, you may want to push the envelop and go for a 1%, 2%, 3% or greater profit! But don’t go too far – you NEVER know when it’s going to start heading the other way.
Don’t ever look back. Once you are in and out of the trade and you have your profit, don’t worry if it goes higher and you could have made more. Again, we never know what it’s going to do, so any profit on the books is better than no profit at all!
You are going to lose some trades. But only if you buy high and sell low. Know when to sell. Evaluate your calculator and what is acceptable to you to lose on the trade. Sometimes a trade will go down past the 1% loss OR MORE before it goes back up. Don’t panic and sell too quickly! Also, stay abreast of the news about the coin you’re trading – if it’s a good coin and just having a momentary dip, it may be worth just holding onto it until it bounces back!
If a trade seems to go the wrong way, sometimes just looking at the 5 minute candlesticks can make you panic and sell. So take a step back and look at the “bigger picture” by looking at the 15 minute candlesticks. You may see an entirely DIFFERENT trend and you will see that the trend is STILL going up! So don’t panic and sell! Some trades have taken several hours to a day or two to come back in range. Just be patient and know your numbers and be ready to sell when it hits or place a sell order for your profit that you want to take.
Try to stick to trading the top 10 coins based on their market cap (which you can see here Generally sticking to the top 10 or top 5 is pretty safe as even if they go down on a trade, you can hold them as they have value and they will most likely come back up and into profit range!
Only use money you can lose. Don’t invest too much. Start small and let that small money grow BIG. That is the way to win.
Sometimes you can go for more. If a coin is climbing FAST, you may want to cancel you SELL Order and watch it VERY closely. This is called ACTIVE TRADING. Watch it till the momentum starts to slow down and sell FAST FAST FAST!
PRO TIP: One way to possibly predict how BIG of a boost the coin is going to get is to also check the 15 minute Bollinger band. If the top of the 15 minute band and the 5 minute are pretty close together AND the bands are uptrending AND are both Squeezing AND the candles are up near the top of BOTH BANDS – you may be in for a BIG jump in price. Conversely, if the top of the 15 minute band is way higher than the 5 minute band, and all of the other indicators are there, you may be in for a smaller jump. So keep an eye on the 15 minute band too!
Any profit is better than no profit. Even breaking even is better than losing money. Sometimes you do have to take a loss, lick your wounds and then get back to trading!
If you are trading high dollar amounts, pay attention to the VOLUME a coin is doing. You’ll have an easier time getting in and out that way.
Buy for the buy amount, sell for the sell amount. It makes your trades go quicker. Trying to sell higher than the asking price or buy lower than the asking price can stall a trade and get you stuck and upside down. Get in, get out and make those micro profits!
LEARN LEARN LEARN! Every trade you do is a learning experience. Some trades will be education at a slight cost.
Watch for the “whales”. They are people with BIG MONEY playing in this game. Generally they are advanced traders. If you see giant buys or sells of $50,000, $100,000 or more it’s a good idea to follow what they are doing! They know what’s going on!
As your money grows, you may want to consider splitting it into 2 different trades at the same time. Trading under 5 BTC is no problem and can move quick. Even trading up to 10 BTC can too depending on the volume of the coin and if you’re catching the “pump”. But once you get to about 15 BTC, you can influence the buying and selling quite a bit. So maybe place your sell order for a little bit at different levels for one trade OR do a couple trades on different coins. This allows you to move the sales faster and helps to minimize some risk. As it grows even larger you may have 3 or 4 trades going simultaneously!

How to Handle a Market Correction (i.e Crash!)

DON’T PANIC SELL! You will only lose your money if you sell low after buying high! 
Generally market crashes come back fast and hard! If a crash takes a couple days or a week,
the market will usually correct within about that same amount of time or just a
little bit longer.
If you are mid a trade and got upside down, DON’T SELL. Just hold and wait for the market to
come back up.
When the market comes back up, it often goes EVEN HIGHER than before the crash!
DON’T trade The Micro Profit System during a correction. It is too unstable and
you need to just take some time off and wait for the rebound! Be patient!
You will know it’s rebounding when you start to see consistent uptrends on a
majority of the major coins.If you are not mid a trade and holding USDT hooray!
You are going to make a
KILLING trading The Secret Profit system!
Just wait VERY patiently and DO NOT TRADE until the market starts to go back up.
At that point, trade as normal and you will find the everything to be very Bullish
(rising very strongly) for a while!
If you are holding BTC when it crashes, you can try to sell your BTC and then buy back lower.
That can backfire as you don’t know when it will
be a major crash or a minor one.
A successful strategy we’ve used when BTC crashed was to NOT SELL YOUR

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