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Identity Verification Platform

The current age of communications through net or electronic media trust as Association is implicit issue. There’s no immediate and inherent check of the credibleness of and data being changed, or are there rigorous rules or tips in each case, governing an equivalent. A chief example being the identities of the parties concerned in such communications. Though in several cases such laws are effective to confirm dependability (for example once fixing a place of business online), they’re principally associated with business and company identities.

At Lynked.World motivated to contribute to succeeding version of the digital age (Web 3.0) by building Associate in scheme to harness the advantages that suburbanised applications designed on blockchain platforms give. A multi-faceted answer comprising of a whole application platform supported blockchain.

The core perform of Their scheme is triggered off by the user / organization making a digital profile on Lynked.World platform, with totally different sections of knowledge like identification records, academic certificates, skilled history etc. This digital identity, with all associated knowledge and documents contained in it, will currently be attested on the blockchain via peer to look knowledge verification method. Users will severally choose and send documents and sections of knowledge hold on against their digital identities to be verified by approved entities (companies, establishments and government organizations etc. and even different individuals) registered on the platform.

Lynked.World blockchain Platform

Digital notecase for sharing identity and documents those are verifiable on the blockchain Lynked.World Digital notecase may be a feature made giving of their application portfolio, that aims to exchange ancient practices of getting to hold physical documents personally by creating it attainable to store and share digital documents firmly and handily.

Lynked.World Application platform is that the primary basis of all applications designed (built as a region of our product portfolio and/or third parties) on prime of Lynked.World scheme and forms the core of the whole suite of product.

Professional Networks aren’t new, neither is the conception of user profiles being created inside the domains of every skilled network. Lynked.World platform, however, takes it up level additional by creating the network safer and trustworthy as a result of the identity and certification verification risk, as mentioned earlier.

The Lynked.World Job Portal has materialized as a natural outcome of and complementing different 2 products – “Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform” and “Trusted skilled Network”. The portal can facilitate employers post job openings while not involving any third party within the method, thereby reducing price and increasing potency of the enlisting method.

“LYNK” Token

The “LYNK” token is Associate in ERC-20 normal token designed on the Ethereum platform. It’s fractionally dissociable, transferable and fungible. LYNK tokens also will be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges in due course of your time. “LYNK” tokens are going to be used for transfer of “value” for any services offered and availed of over the Lynked.World application platform.

“LYNK” Token Usage

    • For transfer valuable once availing services for identity verifications

    • For transfer valuable once availing services for document/certificate verifications and/or endorsements

    • For hosting services (like applications, registration forms etc.) either inside the platform or on external platforms victimisation Lynked.World API’s
    • For verification of the credibleness of identity and digital documents received inside the platform victimisation our verification services
    • For KYC services
    • For pleasing users taking part in community activities
    • For posting jobs on the Lynked.World Job Portal
    • For payment of fee to Lynked.World for victimisation services options like digital ID cards, attending registrations etc.

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