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The market is flourishing, buoyant and jam-packed with the potential top for investors. However at an equivalent time, it remains laborious to assess, with on-going innovation and loads of comes that square measure, either not real (scams), or not viable. This market is thus characterised by a high level of complexness, a powerful lack of transparency and clear regulative framework. This makes it laborious to know and thence invest in.

Trecento Blockchain Capital has been launched by a team of seasoned investment and technology professionals. Their objective is to capture the simplest business opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology through a 360-degree investment approach and its aim to supply each people and institutional investors with a simple and playacting investment answer wishing on four assets. All square measure are inside a secure and controlled setting.
Trecento Blockchain Capital can launch four thematic funds covering the total investment cycle of Blockchain firms. The target is to supply investors with a 360-degree approach so as to come up with returns whereas mitigating the chance exposure.

Trecento Blockchain Capital is going to be powerfully joined to its Community. That’s the rationale why Trecento Blockchain Capital needs to reward its Community for conducive to the success of the project. Trecento Blockchain Capital is so hospitable all kinds of investment plan submissions and suggestions that would improve each the Dashboard and our quality Management activity. Moreover, Trecento Blockchain Capital can choose some Community members, supported their contributions and insights, to hitch the skilled Committee.

TOT (Utility token) are going to be associate degree ERC-20 token kind and listed/tradable on major exchange platforms, providing compatibility with Ethereum wallets and better liquidity. TRECENTO TOKEN may be a utility token that has not been registered in many jurisdictions. Particularly, the TRECENTO has not been registered beneath the United States of America Securities Act, the securities laws of any state of the USA or the securities laws of the other country, together with the securities laws of any jurisdiction within which a possible token holder may be a resident.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Platform

Trecento can leverage the Blockchain technology on varied levels inside Trecento Blockchain Capital that on-line Onboarding supported on-line KYC/AML technologies and partners and can use blockchain to whitelist users and ETH addresses Fund Management: with good Contracts, are going to be able to collect funds directly from investors and distribute the fund shares. Redemption also will work with good Contracts for investors to exit the funds and obtain their refund NAV Calculation. Cyberspace quality price (NAV) is going to be calculated in real time and can be recorded and saved on Blockchain double each day.

Trecento Blockchain Capital can have a powerful Security Policy. Every internal tool can use associate degree Access & Rights management to segregate the utilization & permissions. Redundant Servers square measure getting to be used and a continuity set up is going to be established. Wallets/Crypto Funds Security (cf. billfold management). All unused cash is going to be keeping in cold wallets. Non-public keys are going to be written, split, and keep around the world in several locations. A money reserve is going to be accumulated and meant to be used on platforms or transferred to cold wallets. Wallets can have multi-signatures. Wallets can solely be accessible from Whitelisted IPs. A dealings limit is going to be originated for per day or per week or per month. Withdrawals can be done like associate degree ID confirmation by video call.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Team

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