What is OkGlobal? | OkGlobal Legit Review 2021

What is OkGlobal

OKGlobal is trying to bring profits back into the hands of the people. Governments and other organizations can no longer be left untouched to manipulate our resources to generate money for themselves and their voters

The prices and fees paid by OKGlobal would be the lowest available in the industry. Income can be reinvested in the price of their coin, rising the value of all coin investors year after year.

OKGlobal structure explained


  • Production of Coin that will have an immediate conversion to the option of merchant fiat or kept in the OKGlobal crypto coin account. 
  • All OKGlobal group members’ holdings must be in fiat or OKGlobal coins. OKGlobal Community Support Centres may be eligible for participating programs. 
  • Exchange produced to turn various coins into fiat and vice versa. Similar coins may be used, but with higher exchange costs.


OkGlobal Coin and token distribution


  • Current Set Sale Price: 1 OKGSG = USD 0.004
  • Current Set Minimum Return Value: 1 OKGSG = USD 0.0014


OKGGlobal Coins


OKGlobal Coins is actually a tomochain TRC21 token with limited availability of 100,000,000 (50 billion OkGlobal Coin LLC USA 50 billion OkGlobal Coin Pte Ltd Singapore). 60 percent of the tokens will be distributed to investors/funding and the other 40 percent will be reserved for the production team and the maker. 

The tomochain block was chosen due to its fast transaction pace and negligible transmission/verification fees. OkGlobal Coins would switch to its own special blockchain due to the restricted capabilities of tomochain and to serve our project goal as an independent, autonomous, democratized, entity. 

OkGlobal Coin and Transfer are independent cooperatives. SWITCH serves as a shared service to validate and process transfers on an open public crypto payment network.

MYID coins are 100% utility coins. Therefore there are no promises made to owners of MYID Coins.  Investors in MYID Coin should understand that investments made into utility coins are not guaranteed and investors face the risk of losing all their investment.   Utility coins are inherently a high risk investment and therefore all investors should weigh their risks when investing and do their own research prior to making any investment.

OkGlobal Coin Features


  • Faster, more comfortable, negligible charges reinvested back into the OkGlobal Coin. The minimum rise in base valuation toward the total fall of the company/coin. Will save money to retailers and customers while at the same time providing immense advantages of growing importance. 
  • Real-time coin value alerts available via a phone application and online. 
  • Blockchain provides open oversight and authentication for the handling of currency trade and transfers thus removing fiat currency concerns. 
  • The correct delivery and handling of coin management shall be checked across a decentralized network.


OkGlobal Coin, DAO- instant payment protocol 


Currency deposited and registered in fiat or crypto in OkGlobal ledger accounts would be available digitally or at brick & mortar locations. Transfer of fiat or an OkGlobal coin created by the sender. Whether the fiat is preferred for payment, the immediate transformation to the OkGlobal Coin shall take place for the transfer of payment. The choice of the receiver is to move from OkGlobal Coin to fiat or to stay OkGlobal Coin at the end location. If no file is present in the senders’ account, the crypto account would be tapped and forwarded to the receiver’s account.

So, it’s pretty clear that they have a solid vision; thus, the token investment can give you a good return. All in all, it’s a secure and productive coin. 


For More Details About OkGlobal Coin :

Website: https://okglobalcoinsg.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyIdentityCoin
Telegram Group: https://t.me/myidentitycoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/My-Identity-Coin-105559404747595/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5299156.0

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