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What is NEXT Protocol



NEXT Protocol provides seamless publishing of Robot Services using our Robots (NEXTiBOTs) and other OEM Robots. It enables organizations to make Decentralized Robotic Applications that can run with their very own tokens (deployment and Mint Business Specific ERC20 Robo Tokens) to market such Robot Services in the NEXT sponsored consumer market. 

Robot income can be given to existing shareholders who would be involved in their Robot Tokens and obtain rental income through built-in DeFi protocols.

NEXT ibots

NEXT PROTOCOL EcoSystem powers their NEXTiBOTs


Their goal for the robot is to build an environment that would support all stakeholders.

  • Developer Community: Build a group of developers to introduce innovations to the market rapidly. Sign up for a NEXTiBOT account to work alongside other users in the network.
  • Development and SI Partners​: Cooperate with other production centers and reduce the duration of customization and the addition of new specifications.
  • Robot industry stakeholders: Join with the Robo Consortium, CSR organizations, and the Physically Responsive Community to create a robotic alternative for the social cause.
  • Resellers: Sign up with resellers all around the planet. They will also be equipped to assist robotics and provide repair services, if appropriate.
  • NEXT ibots System




NEXT Token does provide token holders with a straightforward, smart, and user-friendly way to move slightly earlier into the burgeoning Robo economic system. By purchasing tokens, you get an opportunity to use them when organizations and industries develop and deploy Robots for consumer and business use circumstances, taking advantage of the current Covid business needs and the unauthorized, unrestrained Ethereum tokens. 

Having invested with NEXT Tokens also means lowering maintenance asset ownership, access to robot-related cash flows (e.g. rent) & frictionless ownership exchanges as the companies that build these robots dedicate to delivering 50 percent of the robot rental income to the ecosystem of NEXT existing shareholders for the first year. And most important of all, being an ERC-20 token, you can give away your tokens whenever you want.

Next Token Usage

Next Robo Token Features


1) Unique Tokens: Representative Ownership of each Robot developed on the NEXT Protocol is spread over a limited number of NEXT tokens. Based on the token concerned, owners will obtain royalties from the rent of these robots and vote on the Robot’s function and implementation decisions.

2) Staking enabled Rent Payments: Purchasing robots with Representative NEXT Tokens help you to receive quarterly/monthly rentals sent in cryptocurrency to your checked KYC account. Rent is charged with the US-Dollar stablecoin, which is sent straight to the Ethereum wallets that hold the NEXT token.

3) Asset Managed Professionally: Every robot designed on the NEXT Protocol has a wealth management firm handling its revenue on behalf of the token holders. This asset management firm creates programs, leases a robot, receives rents, and performs maintenance, so that the diverse community of owners of NEXT Tokens may not have to face any issues.

4) Token enabled with Edge Computing: Through the Blockchain Robot Register, they know when such robots have been used. When the Hexa Core robot processors are inactive, they are often used as edge computing dilemma nodes to receive prizes transferred back to existing shareholders.

Business Tokenomics


NEXT Token helps developers to create Robot Apps with their personalized tokens and install them on the market for enterprises and organizations to purchase and utilize them. 

Corporations can onboard and deploy pre-built Robots, e.g. NEXTiBOTs that have Greet-iBot, Safe-iBot, etc. They might also float ventures for developers to create new robots. 

Gamers will create Robot games on the ROS, run and play on Hexa Core processors. Robots can be allowed to solve the issue of edge computing in built-in robot wallets. 

All in all, this is an opportunity for those who are keen on the robot industry across the globe.  


For More Details About NEXT Protocol :


Website: https://nextprotocol.tech
Twitter: https://t.me/nextprotocol
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nextibot-106367817781928
Telegram Group: https://t.me/nextprotocol
Whitepaper: https://nextprotocol.tech/docs/NextProtocol_WhitePaper.pdf

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