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What is Cyber

What is Cyber?

Cyber: Tech to substitute current Internet behemoth monopolies, such as Google, who have abused obsolete Internet protocols using common habits in our semantic contact. These structures:

  • Share common underlying properties
  • Lock information created by users from search, social and commercial knowledge graphs in private datasets
  • Sell the information back as advertising

They stand as an unavoidable wall between content producers and users, extracting the vast majority of the value they have generated.        

The initial concept of introducing order to the web has grown into an order in which we do not want to live. With Cyber, we no longer need this order. What we need to do is measure the information by ourselves. We assume that the future of our civilization relies on the attainment of established, censor-free, and open information. Our seasoned, enthusiastic, and visionary team has built tools that we hope will one day grow into a true Machine intelligence and help us address questions better. We call upon the Cosmic community of validators, creators, and consumers to become the Heroes and Rulers of the Great Network and to participate in the process of increasing this new form of life.

Cyber System

Why is Cyber Unique When Compared to Google?

It appears to be on the brink of building the Great Web. The Great Web is not only an edition of the Web, just as the Web3 is. The theory is there’s not going to be a web4. They are creating the Great Web, a web that’s going to work for hundreds and perhaps even millions of years. But why and how? 

Blockchain computers are somewhat comparable to live beings and would most certainly have a longer but restricted life span. While blockchains are the objects of the Great Web, they are not part of it. The nature of the Great Web is content addressing—a system that will allow content to be identified and authenticated across spacetime and across universes. 

It’s really awesome to know that when you make something on the Great Web and CyberLink that you are making something that’s going to endure and something that everyone can discover. They are grateful to be alive at this moment. Thus, the way that Google and this software run is entirely different, and Cyber gives us all new hopes.  

Cyber – Blockchain Computers Value Proposition

The key innovation of the proposed blockchain computer is that it is designed for web3 search and Ai technologies: economics, data structure, and ranking algorithms. 

The underlying data system is seamless, scalable, and efficient enough to unify human intelligence and has basic but functional, 2.0 software applications on top of it, run by blockchain. It’s also the first of a kind, genuinely tested oracle! 

This is one of the first times blockchain deployment has provided useful ranking computations using a consensus computer. Rank computing is about a hundred thousand times quicker on the GPU than on the CPU. Network evolution would facilitate the advancement of computing to TPU-like or neuromorphic frameworks. Whereas the network currently embraces only traditional smart contracts based on CosmWasm, its functionality can be expanded by creating a general-purpose AI VM (Matrix Multiplication, ReLU, etc…), thereby becoming the core of AI developments in the blockchain.

The network is not yet in the Main Net, so there is no way to get a CYB token right now. However, you can participate in games to gain some CYB. The starting block of the network protocol contains 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 CYB tokens, broken down as follows:

+) 700 000 000 000 000 000 CYB tokens for THC token bettors until the end of the network

+) 100 000 000 000 000 CYB token as a gift to the Ethereum, Cosmos, and Urbit communities

+) 100 000 000 000 000 CYB tokens for those participating in Game Links

+) 100 000 000 000 000 000 CYB tokens for Game of Thrones participants in ATOM

For More Details of Cyber:

Website: https://cyber.page/
Telegram: https://t.me/fuckgoogle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyber_devs
Forum: https://ai.cybercongress.ai/
WPP: https: // ipfs.io/ipfs/QmPjbx76LycfzSSWMcnni6YVvV3UNhTrYzyPMuiA9UQM3x

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